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Tubing Spool
Casing, Tubing & Drill Pipes

Tubing Spool
Tubing head structure
Tubing head is usually a spool with both flanged ends, which is set on the top flange of casing head to hang tubing hanger and seal the annular space between the tubing string and oil-layer casing and which consists of tubing head spool and tubing hanger.

1) Hang the tubing string inside well;
2) Seal the annular space between tubing and casing;
3) Give a crossover to connect casing head downwards and to connect x’mas tree upwards;
4) Provide both side outlets in tubing head spool body through which to execute injection and wellwash operation.

Tubing hanger
Tubing hanger is an assembly to support tubing string and seal the annular space between tubing and casing, which is connected with tubing and seated into tubing hanger spool by tubing gravity. It is convenient to operate and replace wellhead so that it is widely used for intermediate depth well and common well.

Design features:
Fabricated with BT secondary seal, and could be field mounted by cutting casing pipe to accommodate the seal height.
Tubing hanger and top flange are designed to run cable through.
Several control ports are available for connecting pipeline.
Sanyi manufactures tubing head spool in full accordance with API 6A, the body is made of forged or special smelt steel, providing high bearing strength, safety and reliability. Side outlets could be line pipe thread or studded, studded side outlet is machined with 1.1/2” female thread.
Variation #1 PN
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