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Carrier Mounted Rig
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Carrier Mounted Rig
Jolly Engineering Services Inc. Supplies five (5) different carrier mounted rigs. Each models is specifically designed for drilling or working over wells of different well bore and depth. These self-propelled rig models are: ZJ/900CZ, ZJ15/115CZ, ZJ30/1700CZ and Zj40/2250CZ. The following characteristics apply to each of these models.

Each rig package is very compact and includes the drawworks, mast, diesel engine, hydraulic transmission, auxiliary brake, right angle gear box, rotary table transmission, hydraulic and pneumatic driller control system and hydraulic winch.
The heavy duty carrier is 8×6, 10×8, 12×8, 14×8, 14×12 and 16×12 constant drive, self propelled. Each carrier is equipped with heavy-duty power steering for ease of cross-country movement.
Standard Caterpillar engines matched with Allison hydraulic transmissions provide high transmission efficiency and excellent safety.
Trailer mounted rigs provide an alternative to carrier mounted rigs. The trailer rig offers easier moves in areas where carrier mounted rigs have difficulty, especially in desert, swamp or mountainous regions.
The rotary table transmission box provides easy forward-reverse shifting and is suitable for all kinds of drill pipe rotation. The anti-torque “release device” ensures less drill pipe damage and safe release.
The mast is open faced double sections, hydraulically raised and scoped
Variation #1 PN
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