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API 6A Choke Valves

API 6A Choke Valves
The choke manifold consists of four manual valves (five if a bypass valve is included). It is used to control the flow rate and reduces well pressure before the flow enters the processing equipment. The manifold also includes a variable choke box, a fixed choke box, and several pressure or sampling ports and thermowells to monitor pressure, temperature, and fluid characteristics.

Onshore and offshore oil and gas well testing and cleanup after drilling or workover operations Flowback after stimulation or workover operations

Provides two flow paths, one through a fixed choke and the other through an adjustable choke that can be converted to a fixed choke
Provides a means for fluid sampling, real-time pressure and temperature monitoring, and chemical injection
Complies with API-6A (PSL-2,PR2), NACE MR0175)
Valves Valves
Variation #1 PN
Gulf Oil and Gas
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