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Polyglass - High-performance coating systems
Coatings & Paints

The Polyglass range of materials was originally developed to create a spray-applied protective coating which offered all the performance advantages of a flake glass filled system, together with improved ease and speed of application.

Over the years, the Polyglass range has expanded to include different formulations developed to meet specific application requirements.

Today, these products are used throughout the industrial world, to protect components as diverse as offshore process vessels, pipelines, structural steel and even hospital hot water tanks.

Polyglass has proven highly effective in extremely corrosive environments. Specially formulated to give optimum ease of application and short cure cycles, Polyglass offers a remarkably low permeation rate, combined with excellent resistance to abrasion and cathodic disbondment. The inherent durability and undercutting resistance of this high performance coating enables it to remain intact, even when damaged through to the metal substrate, with negligible under-film creep.
Variation #1 PN
Coatings & Paints Coatings & Paints
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