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Diesel Engines Conversion to Dual Fuel
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Diesel Engines Conversion to Dual Fuel
As part of our energy solutions, Endless Creations offers, exclusively in Egypt, the professional conversion of diesel engines to run on Dual fuel (diesel fuel and Natural Gas) in cooperation with American Power Group Inc. Dual Fuel is an advanced, environmentally friendly energy solution relied on by many customers around the globe.
Dual fuel technology gives users the power of choice – on-site generators operate on the perfect combination of diesel and natural gas or, when desired, 100% diesel. APG’s unique Dual fuel process requires no engine modifications, unlike the high-pressure systems used by others.
Diesel engines continue to operate as durably as ever, but with the added reliability of a flexible fuel supply. APG’s combustion engineers carefully model each engine through Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis to scientifically determine the optimum mixture of diesel and natural gas. Conversions are conducted efficiently in the field, virtually eliminating down time.
APG’s patented eNRGy Pac PLC Controls system ensures that Dual fuel engines operate at their normal temperature and at full horsepower. Original manufacturers’ warranties can remain in effect.
Why convert to Dual-Fuel?
•Extreme savings in operating cost through fuel purchases/year
•Money-back in less than one year
•Reduced maintenance cost
•Extended oil change intervals
•Cleaner air where significant reduction in emissions is achieved (NOx, SOx, Particulate Matter)
For further information, please visit www.americanpowergroupinc.com
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