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Downhole Tools Performance Test System

Downhole Tools Performance Test System
Standard: API Spec 11D1, SY/T6222, SY/T5106, SY/T5404, SY/T5625 and SY/T5871.
Application: Performance test on packers, downhole tools and seal elements under the simulated practical working conditions, and strength test under the conditions of high temp & pressure. An approach to develop new downhole tools.

Technical Data:
- Test pressure: 0~140Mpa
- Constant pressure range: 5%~100%FS
- Test temp: 0~3 C
- Constant temp fluctuation:2 C
- Test medium: Water, Diesel Oil or N2 *(consult factory for specific)
- Pressure/Temp measuring precision: 0.5%FS
- Pressure/Temp control precision: 1%FS
- Timing range: 0~999h
- Driven air: 0.5M- p -1.0Mpa
- Power supply: 380V AC, 50Hz
- Test Medium: Nitrogen/ Dies Water


- Testing process fully controlled by PC, supports real time display of P-T curves. All settings and operations can be executed on the control panel. Meanwhile, remote control is on standby, Test data saved automatically and test report exported for further analysis, Modular design prevents hydraulic/pneumatic/air dirve/heating/cooling system and etc from mutual interference, Isolated high temp and high pressure, oil and electrics to secure system safety.

- Solderless connection and taper seal, easy and convenient to disassemble, Suitable for use with various fluid media, PID automatic temp controller and high temp recirculating pump provide precise temp control and uniform temp, High temp system all equipped with HP ball valves for longer service lives and Each simulation well is tested independently.
Model No.Max Pressure PN
A2014-A/M-105 105 Mpa    Qty
A2014-A/M-140 140 Mpa    Qty
A2014-A/M-35 35 Mpa    Qty
A2014-A/M-70 70 Mpa    Qty
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