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Edge Welded Metal Bellows

Edge Welded Metal Bellows
Technetics Group designs and manufactures bellows for the most demanding applications. Each design is customized to meet your specific application parameters and operation requirements.

Design Freedom
-Wide range of materials and configurations to choose from
-Custom designed to meet needs of customer
-Bellow can have variable profile to optimize performance and life
-Linear spring rate over large operational stroke
-Low Magnetic Permeability
-Corrosion Resistant
-0.0015 to 0.02 Diaphragm thickness
-1/4 to 18 outer diameter
-One or Two Ply Design

Maximum Reliability
-Optimized design for fatigue resistance and endurance
-No thinning of the convolutions or loss of ductility in high stress areas
-Hermetic sealing. Leak Tight up to 1 x 10-10 std. cc/sec Helium
-Low Outgassing Rate
-No asymmetry
-In house cycle/pressure testing capabilities
-Cycle Life > 1million
-Vacuum Pressure to >1,000 psi
-Cryogenic Temperatures to 1800F
-Low spring rate capabilities
Variation #1 PN
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