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Ingersoll Rand (IR) - Products
Ingersoll Rand provides a large number of products for civil works and road construction including compactors, pavers, and light towers.
SUPERCITO Electrode for welding
AWS/ASME SFA-5.1:E 7018
DIN 1913: E 51 55 B 10
EN 499: E 42 6 B 42 H 10
SUPRANOX E 308L Stainless Steel Electrode
SUPRANOX E 308L Stainless Steel Electrode
AWS/ASME SFA-5.4:E 308L-16
DIN 8556: E 19 9 LR23

Austenitic stainless st...
Bolt Tensioner
Cooperating with TENTEC Ltd in U.K,The bolt tensioners provided by HTS are some of the most compact and reliable tensioners available today. HTS can o...
Hydraulic Nuts
Hydraulic Nuts: 1.Suitable for use in temperatures up to 100C.; 2.For temperatures above this level special seals are available; 3.Nut protection cap...
Multipliers: The HTS range of Torque Multipliers are hand operated units where a low input torque develops a high output torque through a gearing mech...
Straightening machine for plates and profiles
Plate straightening machines heavy capacity. Plate flattening machines, Profiles straightening machines

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