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E2xS112 Alarm Horn
The E2x range of hazardous area alarm horns are available in two output levels, 110dB and 117dB maximum. Manufactured from corrosion free PPS and imp...
Lamador Welding Helmet
Series Or Product Number - 8105xx- LAMADOR. Lamador thermoplastic welding helmet with or without lenses,glassholder sizes 50x108, 55x110, 60x110, 75x9...
Eye Wash Bottle
Series Or Product Number - 939404- E/A3836 EYE WASH BOTTLE. Eye wash bottle, 500 ml inclusive eye bath. This is part of the Emergency Eye Wash station...
Face Shield
Electricity screen and Forestry Kit.
Hard Hats
PEAK HDPE, HARD HATS – complying with A59, A69, A69R, A79, & A79R - ANSI – CE.
Hand Protective Gloves
Dipped on a cut and sewn liner. Different thicknesses for light & heavy duty applications.
HAWS Emergency Eyewasher (USA)
Haws is a leading manufacturer of safety shower and eyewasher and emergency equipment models. Haws's all models meet ANSI standard and OSHA relating t...
Security and Safety Equipment
NASA is providing professional security and safety equipment services. All equipments are provided with required standarts.
Intrinsically Safe Helmet Lamp - Low Cost 7-LED
KH2M-Ex is a lightweight model of the Helmet Lamp and Torch series in 7-LEDs. Every LED has an individual concave reflector so a well focused beam can...
Intrinsically Safe Helmet Lamp - Wide-Beam 10-LED
KH2B-Ex is a lightweight model of the Helmet Lamp and Torch series in 10-LEDs. There are no concave reflectors so a wide beam is generated. It is suit...
Intrinsically Safe Helmet Lamp-Heavy Duty Focused
KH3U-Ex iis our flagship model. It is the brightest in our Cordless Miner’s Caplamp Series and is charged through either charging electrodes or chargi...
Intrinsically Safe Helmet Lamp with Rear Beqacon
KH3RC-Ex is designed for firefighting and rescue operations. It integrates a red LED beacon into a helmet lamp to achieve both normal white illuminati...
Intrinsically Safe Helmet Portable Beacon
KSH2xy-Ex is a very flexible portable beacon with two colours to choose from. "x y" specifies colours. Default type is KSH2rb-Ex in Red and Blue; but ...
IS Helmet Lamp Charging Banks
Charging facilities to charge multiple helmet lamps together in 8-, 35- or 53-units.
LED Hi-Viz Safety Vest
A High Visibility Safety Vests with LED display lights now protects you in any situation. Forget passive reflective Safety Vests, you do not have to r...
Reflector Boosted Hi-Bay Light
Energy Saving Hi-Bay Light is:
- Specially designed reflector in much higher reflectivity than Aluminium ones
- Astronautic optical material...
Safety systems
Spina Group offers a vast range of personal protection equipment to satisfy all your accident prevention and safety requirements in hazardous working...

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