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SCSSV Comprehensive Test System
Standard: API Spec 14A-2000
Application: Verification test and function test on SCSSV (Surface controlled Subsurface Safety Valve) as per API 14A...
Downhole Tools Performance Test System
Standard: API Spec 11D1, SY/T6222, SY/T5106, SY/T5404, SY/T5625 and SY/T5871.
Application: Performance test on packers, downhole tools and seal ...
Stauff Test
Stauff Test is the product for in line measurement of pressure and condition monitoring. Test pressure, take samples, vent systems.
Burst & Proof Pressure Test Stand (P/N: P1011)
Application: For Burst test and Proof Pressure test on various of Hose, Tubing, Pipe and Coupling.

Standard: SAE.J157- 100R and SAE.J2044- ...
Flexing Test Stand (P/N: P1014)
Application: Full automatic test system applied in the flexing test of automobile/truck (motorcycle) brake hoses.
Technical Data:
- Test pre...
Hydraulic Test Stand (P/N: P1021)
Application: Hydrostatic test or proof pressure test with volumetric expansion measuring of cylinders, pressure vessels and accumulators.Test objects...
Hydrostatic Pressure Burst Test Stand (P/N:P1022)
Application: Hydrostatic pressure burst (with expansion measuring) test for cylinders, pressure vessels and accumulators. Test objects: CNG/LPG/gas cy...
Volumetric Expansion Test Stand (P/N: P1013)
Application: Automobile, motorcycle brake hose, steering hose.
Standard: SAE J1401
Technical data:
- Test pressure: 0 ~ 40MP
- Tes...

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