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PZ 9 Mud pump
PZ 9 Mud pumps: 500 HP, 1500 HP, 2000 HP available.
Cylinders for Mud Pumps
Cylinders for F series,3NB series and other types of mud pumps. The cylinder is made of forged alloy steel. The three Cylinders of each mud pump are i...
Fluid End for Mud Pumps
Fluid end is a basic part of mud pump for drilling. It is always in the hard working environment and it needs be maintained often. We can provide flui...
Mud pump accessories
We can provide all kinds of mud pump assembly and accessories with the advanced process and reliable quality, which accord with API Sped 7K. The follo...
Single Action Mud Pump
The Mud pump unit, an absolutely necessary part to transport drilling fluid, combines the pump with its engine for barge installation. Its reasonable ...
F-Series Mud Pump
F-series mud pump is applicable to the requirement of high pump pressure in oil field and high displacement technology of well drilling with its solid...
Bimetallic mud pump liners
High-carbon high-chromium bimetallic mud pump liners
Mud Pump Expendables and Parts
Mud pump fluid end expendables and parts (liners, pistons, valves and seats, piston rods, pony rods, gaskets and inserts, modules, fluid end parts) fo...
Triplex Mud Pumps
We have different range of Triplex Mud pumps including 800HP, 1000HP, 1300HP & 1600HP with pump speed between 120SPM to 150SPM.
F models Triplex Mud Pump
F models Triplex Mud Pump: Following models are available F-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600, F-2200. Information on each model is available on requ...
Mud Pump
Specification: 3NB-500F, 3NB-800F, 3NB-1000F, 3NB-1600F
Mud pump
Mud Pumps&Spare Parts. Mud pumps are single horizontal triplex piston pumps, in the deep and ultra-deep wells, the drilling process cycle of drilling ...
Mud pump parts:
Available Mode: F-350/500/650, F-8...

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