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KBR's Purifier™ Ammonia Process combines the following proprietary technologies to yield an extremely reliable, robust, low-energy plant:
-Mild reforming with excess air
-KBR Purifier
-Magnetite ammonia synthesis in a horizontal converter

With KBR's cryogenic Purifier™ syngas technology, you receive a lower-cost, more robust processing route to high-purity synthesis gas in ammonia manufacturing plants. The proprietary, front-end process cryogenic purification technology simultaneously removes impurities (i.e., methane, argon) from synthesis gas by washing it with excess nitrogen while adjusting the hydrogen to nitrogen (H2/N2) ratio to 3:1.

The Purifier™ process system is a simple design consisting of three pieces of equipment: a feed/effluent exchanger, a column with a built-in condenser and an expander. All items and the connecting piping are welded and enclosed in a perlite-insulated cold box. Specific equipment design features include:

- Exchanger, which is a plate-fin design and constructed of aluminum
- Cryogenic column, which operates in the range of minus 170°C to minus 200°C
- Integral condenser, which is a shell-and-tube design
- Expander, which is a compact, low-speed unit that is typically coupled to a generator to recover power. A 2000 metric ton per day (MTPD) ammonia plant requires an expander with a capacity of about 200 kW.
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