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SYDECSM (Selective Yield Delayed Coking)
Process Technology Licensing

SYDECSM (Selective Yield Delayed Coking) technology is the leading delayed coking technology due to its superior technical components and our knowledge in delayed coking going back 75 years. We have designed and engineered more delayed cokers world-wide than any other technology provider or engineering contractor. We have extensive experience with licensing and designing all applications of delayed coking which include fuel grade, anode grade and needle coke units.

Their coking capability for new plants and revamps covers a full range of services, from studies, process design packages, EPC/EPCm, commissioning, start-up and operations assistance, comprehensive training and knowledge transfer with KnowledgeWebTM, design and supply of coker heaters, coke drum replacement and safety improvement, API fitness-for-service evaluation, fatigue life evaluation on coke drums and ongoing licensor support services.

Coker units are complex, and we always recommend Foster Wheeler detailed engineering and critical procurement to realize the full operational benefits of their well-designed, well-constructed delayed coking unit. Their coker heaters are a major differentiator that separates their technology from the competition. They have supplied over 70 delayed coker heaters to over 50 coker units, with single heater capacities from 6,000 bpd to over 35,000 bpd, and in both single-fired and double-fired configurations.

Key benefits of technology:
-Refiners can process heavier, cheaper crudes
-Converts low-value residues to high-value fuels with moderate capital investment
-Easy integration into existing refinery
-Safe, reliable and well-proven technology, meeting all regulatory requirements
-Improved profitability by maximizing production of transportation fuels
-Yield selectivity to maximize distillate production
-Options for calcinable coke production
-Feedstock flexibility to process residue, pitch, or partially converted material
-Extended run-lengths between spalling and turnarounds for more on-stream time and lower maintenance costs
-Designed to maximize operator safety with better layout, improved egress, sophisticated interlocks and slide valve unheading
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