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Corrosion coupon assembly; Chemical injection quill and sampling assembly; Insulation joint/insulation gaskets kit; Low temp.CS, Chrome Moly steel, stainless steel & duplex pipes, fittings and flanges...
SC provide: Geophysical Prospecting through Processing and Interpretation of Seismic Data, Drilling and Workover (Drilling of Horizontal Wells, Drilling of Cluster Wells, Under-balanced Drilling, The ...
Hydraulic power tong, make-up and break-out unit, spinner, elevator, cement head, bushing, rotary table, ball valve, swivel and power unit.
Series of Cementing Equipmen; Fracturing Spread; Liquid nitrogen pumping unit; Coiled Tubing Unit; Triplex Plunger Pump; Natural Gas Compression / Transmission Equipment
"Well surface testing tools: Flowhead, Surface safety valve, Floor Manifold(Choke Manifold) Piping set(Hose Loops) etc
Drill stem testing tools: Retrievable Packer, circulating valve, safety join...
Aztech Technologies, Inc -- United States
Drilling Spares and Services limited operates a drilling rig manufacturing unit to cater for the needs of the water well market in Africa. The Simba range of water well rigs are designed to operate tr...
ERIELL Group -- Russia
Well drilling and workover services.
Keppel FELS Limited -- Singapore
KOMET GROUP -- Germany
The KOMET GROUP Services: The KOMET SERVICE includes professional re-grinding, individual re-coating, high-precision refurbishing and if required, a KomPakt tool range including carbide tools and si...
KTIB Holding -- Azerbaijan
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