Oil Shale

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Caithness Petroleum Limited -- United Kingdom
Circle Star Energy Corp -- United States
Cypress E&P Corporation -- United States
Diamondback Energy, Inc -- United States
Double Eagle Petroleum Co. -- United States
Doxa Energy Ltd. -- United States
Emerald Oil, Inc. -- United States
Empyrean Energy PLC -- Australia
- EOT has a full range of resources supporting technological development and adjustment to different oil shale feeds. - In addition to the skilled engineering resources and extensive operating exper...
EnerVest, Ltd. -- United States
Entek Energy Limited -- Australia
EP Energy LLC -- United States
- Invest in repeatable programs with significant project inventory. - Execute to improve efficiency and maximize returns. - Focus on assets that fit and divest of those that do not. - Foster a cul...
EQT Corporation -- United States
Escondido Resources II, LLC -- United States
EV Energy Partners -- United States
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