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Howden Hua Engineering Co., ltd was established over 150 years ago as an engineering firm, Howden has grown to become a worldwide organization with nearly 3,500 employees and companies in 16 countries. Its equipment may be found in virtually every industry but particularly in those such as in power generation, petrochemicals, mining, steelmaking and cement manufacture where the most arduous air and gas handling duties are to be found. The Company has introduced many innovations, from the forced draught system and the invention of the diaphragm compressor to the commercialization of the rotary heat exchanger and the screw compressor. At the core of the business lies Howden Technology, working at the forefront of engineering, and with unique expertise in aerodynamics, acoustics, stress and vibration analysis, and rotor dynamics.

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Howden fans, heat exchangers and compressor packages primarily for the power generation, iron and steel, mining, cement, petrochemical and the tunnel & metro industries to customers in China.


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