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Jianghan Petroleum Machinery make rock bits, package of equipment for cementing and fracturing, truck-mounted rigs, workover rigs, steel pipe, natural gas compressors, pumping units and water treatment equipment, etc., covering the fields of drilling engineering, oil production engineering and oil and gas gathering and transportation. These products with independent intellectual property rights are country-wide leading or world-wide advanced, with superior products exported to over 30 countries and regions in the world, such as America, Canada, Russia, Central Asia and Middle East, etc. The export earnings now account for more than one third of total sales income. We have built a number of permanent technical service stations on major markets at home and abroad to guarantee the best after-sales service. Seven products including cone bits, drilling and workover rig, cementing truck and high pressure manifolds etc. have won the award of “Hubei Top Brand”. “SJPetro” brand drilling rig has won the title of “China Top Brand”. KINGDREAM and SJPETRO have been recognized as “Top 10 Brands of Chinese Enterprises in the World Market”.

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At the 8th and 9th CIPPE exhibition, Jianghan Petroleum Machinery won the praises for the best team, the largest booth and the most creative showing activity. Jianghan Petroleum Machinery will appear on the 10th CIPPE exhibition with its five enterprises including Jianghan Kingdream Public Limited Company, No.4 and No.3 Petroleum Machinery Plants, Steel Pipe Manufacturing Plant and SJS Ltd. We will use this show here to highlight our new products including Cone Bits for Oil Well Drilling, Diamond Bits for Oil Well Drilling, BigEasy Drilling Rig, Cold Weather Drilling Rig


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BigEasy Drilling Rigs
MD high speed motor bit
Oilfield Equipments
RDS series gas compressor
Steel Pipes
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Gulf Oil and Gas
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