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Fahlke Control Systems KG Beijing Representative Office

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Fahlke Control Systems was founded in 1975 by George W. Fahlke. A family run company, which to be the pioneer of the valve drive from the beginning.
Fahlke Control Systems is the specialist in the actuator manufacturers. The products are characterized by high quality, value for money and short of delivery time. Fahlke manufactures actuators actuated by pneumatic, gas, gas over oil or hydraulic controls essentially built up in their own leak-free (MCE) module control technology. Fahlke Control Systems offers the leading technical electrical hydraulic drive units, which through its Variable Torque compact design and the way in automation show. Fahlke Control Systems has supplied thousands of complete products and services in the industry of oil-gas field pipeline transport, gas savety control, electric power plant high temperature and high pressure steam system, fuel gas safety control of steelworks and ironworks.

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Natural gas safety shut-off control system; Cryogenic shut-off control system; High temperature, high pressure steam pipeline shut-off control system; Petroleum and gas pipeline transportation safety shut-off control system; Petroleum pipeline shut-off control system for deep sea; Electronic-hydraulic actuator; Module hydraulic control system.


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Direct current electro-hydraulic actuator
Gas over oil actuator
Safety electro-hydraulic actuator
Subsea Actuators
Three phase current electro-hydraulic actuator
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Gulf Oil and Gas
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