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Sunry designs and fabricates oil and gas well testing equipments, API 6A, API 16 A and API 16C products, such as sand filter, test separators, surge tanks, crude oil buners, burner booms, choke and kill manifolds, API 6A Products gate valves, chokes and fittings, christmas trees, blowout preventors (BOP), plug valves, swivel joints, pup joints and mud pump expendables. All of them are robust, reliable, durable and high cost performance.

Meanwhile Sunry also supplies rich and diverse oilfield equipments and components, such as twin pump cementing units, twin pump fracturing units, triplex mud pumps, rotary tables, rotary hoses, rotary swivels, drill pipe power tongs, casing tong, coring barrels and coring bits, diamond drilling bits, centrifugal pumps and so on. All abovementioned products are respectively designed, manufactured and inspected in accordance with API Q1 and specifications.

In 2001, Sunry was set up
In 2004, drill pipe power tongs, casing power tongs, elevators and mud pump fluid expendables were exported to Russia
In 2005, cementing skid, mud pump package and BOP package were exported to Russia and Kazakhstan. Swivel joints, pup joints and plug valves were exported to Iran and Oman. In 2005, Sunry got the authorization of agent of SJ who designs and fabricates cementing unit, plunger pump and fracturing unit.

In 2006, rotary table were exported to USA, Poland and Indonesia, centrifugal pumps and cones were exported to Aussie.

In 2007, choke manifold, burner and surge tank were exported to Oman, coring tools were exported to Indonesia, Iran and Kazakhstan.

In 2007, Sunry got the authorization of sole agent of Kingdream who designs and fabricates well testing equipment and API 6 A products.

In 2008, surge tank, test separator, burner, burner boom, SSV and ESD were exported to Iran, rotary swivel and hose were exported to German.

 Products/Services overview

Well Testing Equipment: Transfer Pump; Crude Oil Burner; Surface Safety Valve; Test Separator; Heat Exchanger
Cementing and Fracturing Equipments: Plunger Pump; Plug Valve; Swivel Joint; Pup Joint; Integral forged Fitting
API Products: API 6A Gate Valve; API 6A Choke Valve; API 6A Tee and Cross; API 6A Flange; API 6A Choke Manifold


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API 6A Choke Valves
API 6A Fittings
Burner Boom
Cementing Unit
Christmas Tree
Crude Oil Burner
Gate Valve with Hydraulic Actuator
Mud Pump Expendables and Parts
Plug Valves
Plunger Pump
Pup Joint
Surface safety valve
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