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WINJOIN is dedicated to Fluoropolymers coating products R&D, Promotion and Production. WINJOIN is capable for the professional application of Xylan products and it is the ONLY authorized manufacturer of Xylan coating products in the Oil &Gas industry in China and has attained the QAC certificate.

WINJOIN has developed many kinds coating technique to meet petrochemical, offshore different corrosion environment request. YFluo coating has been widely applied on the stud bolts and parts for the offshore drilling &petrochemical equipments. Lubriant & Abrasion properties of YFluo coating made it suitable for the precise instrument. Great corrosion-resistance & deposition of YFluo coating to keep the inner surface of the oilfield pipelines, sea-water and sewage pipelines, chemical container. Valves , etc. from corrosion.

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Our Operation Covers: YFluo Fluoroploymer Anti-Corrosion Bolts & Nuts& fasteners, YFluo Fluoroploymer Anti-Corrosion Service on Oilfield Equipment Parts including Subsea Christmas tree, BOP, Choke&Kill Mainifolds and other part which request self-lubricant and wear resistance,Corrosion Control Services on Piping&Equipment parts for chemical industry,Corrosion Control Services on Downhole Production tubing, Seawater Pipe, Water Injection Pipe and Sewage Pipe.


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Alcad Brady Ansul
Anti-corrosion of Oilfield equipments
Fasteners/Parts/Sealing Product Coating
Internal Coating for Downhole Tube and Piping
Piping & Equipment parts' coating for chemical
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Gulf Oil and Gas
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