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Mecano Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is founded in 1996 as a wholly owned subsidiary of PHOENIX MECANO AG (PMAG). PMAG is a multinational company specializing in Enclosures, Electro-technical/EMS and Mechanical components manufacturing, established in 1975, and public listed in Switzerland in 80s. Its Product technology, production, Research and Development are all originated from Germany with more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide. In view of the excellent features of its products and more than 40 years' professional technical experiences, PMAG gained great reputation and recognition in global industrial components industry. The products were widely applied to tale-communication industries, electronics and industrial areas, such as railway transportation, automation control, aerospace, equipment manufacturing, heath care equipment, instrumentations, oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. Mecano Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd can provide the products of brands owned by PMAG: ROSE, Bopla, Hartmann, Ptr, Rk Rose+Krieger, Dewert, etc.Mecano Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd has established complete quality management systems, and comply with various criteria for each points from design, production and delivery to make sure the precision and reliability of the products.

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Enclosures, Electro-technical/EMS and Mechanical components manufacturing.


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