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The HELMKE group of companies established itself as an international authority in the field of drive technology a long time ago. The foundation for this was already laid back in 1922 by Eng. Johann Helmke. HELMKE is constantly expanding its expertise in the field of drive technology. That is why HELMKE is a powerful partner to global heavy industry. HELMKE drives are used world-wide in cement, steel, oil and gas industry. HELMKE is also a name for reliability and service in the petroleum and chemicals industry and in energy and water management. The HELMKE group’s core business now includes brand-new electric motors for heavy industrial drives, combined with a 24-hour emergency service world-wide.

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Helmke's know-how in the field of electrical machines as well as many years of experience, innovative production and the introduced quality assurance system during construction and production ensure a maximum of quality for all products.


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