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Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co. Ltd. is the subsidiary of Hilong Group and IADC member. Recently, Hilong Group was successful to issue the shares to the public on 21st of April in Hong Kong as the name of Hilong Holding. Hilong Group of Companies, is the largest manufacturer in China and holds the second position in the world for manufacturing of drill pipes, drilling collars, HWDP, internal & external coating , hard banding materials and OCTC. The products have been used in over 50 courties and have a good reputation. Hilong Group is able to supply the products in many countries and regions and has also set up the specialized oil services company, Hilong Oil Services & Engineering Co., Ltd. who is the specialized oil service company which provides drilling and associated services and owns a total of 12 sets of land rigs. It provides onshore drilling / workover operations; well technical services; technology consultation; assembling, inspecting and testing of drilling rig and other petroleum equipment; Importing & exporting of oil products and tools.

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Manucature of drilling pipes, heavy weight drilling pipes, drilling collars, internal coating, coating material, welding wire, oil pipe, anti-corrosion oil pipe...... etc. Hilong Oil Services & Engineering co. Ltd., the specialized oil service company, provides onshore drilling/workover service and associated services in various courtries such as Kazakhstan,Ecaudor,North Iraq,Nigeria etc. using advanced drilling equipment and its vast experienced technical crew.


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Anti-corrosion oil pipe
Casing and tubing
Coating materials
Drill pipes & heavy weight drill pipes
Drilling Tools
Internal coating
Welding wires
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Workover & Well Services
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Gulf Oil and Gas
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