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ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is the professional and reputable supplier of the oilfield tools for the Well Drilling, Well Testing –DST, Well completion, Surface control & testing, Repairing service etc. We are dedicated to unsurpassed quality, customer satisfaction and continual improvement. Everyone of our skilled and experienced staff members understands the need to earn your business. With over years development, our products have been exported to Europe, American, Brazil, Middle East etc.

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"Well surface testing tools: Flowhead, Surface safety valve, Floor Manifold(Choke Manifold) Piping set(Hose Loops) etc
Drill stem testing tools: Retrievable Packer, circulating valve, safety joint, Select tester valve, Jar, RD circulating valve, etc.
Drilling tools:

-Drill string including stabilizer, stabilizer forging, Drill pipe, Drill collar, X-over sub
-Well head equipment including BOP ,X-tree, and manifold all related valve
-Drilling rig components and mud pump , drawwork, block & hook etc
Fishing tools, handling tools & cementing tools etc."


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choke manifold
Full bore retrievable packer
Mud pump
OMNI Valve
Plug valves
Pneumatic tube clutch
Rupture Disk
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