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IVS Tester Corporation is a reputed engineering and manufacturing solution provider specialized in High Pressure (Flow Control & Testing) Equipments to Oil & Gas industry. IVS High Pressure Equipments including: Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP)/ Wellhead Safety Valve Control System, Chemical Injection Unit, Hydraulic Power Unit and Gas Booster System other High Pressure System. IVS Pressure Testing Objects including: BOP, Packer, Wellhead Devices & Christmas Tree, Downhold Tools, CNG/LPG Gas Cylinders, Pressure Vessels, Pipes/Hoses/Tubing/Fittings, Valves and Couplings. Test category: Impulse/Cycling Test, Hydrostatic Test (With Volumetric Expansion), Burst Test and Leakage Test.

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IVS has been established as a customer-oriented company. The customized equipments cover various areas such as: Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Military, Automobile, firefighting, Pressure Vessel and etc. The equipments manufactured or services for domestic and oversea oil & gas/oil machinery companies including: WHCP, Chemical Inject Skid, Surface Pressure Control Unit, Wellhead Devices Hydraulic/Leak Test, BOP/SCSSV Hydraulic/Leak/Fatigue Test and Down hole Tools High Temp/Pressure Testing.


Products Preview
Burst & Proof Pressure Test Stand (P/N: P1011)
Chemical Reagent Injection Unit - Air Operated
Downhole Tools Performance Test System
Flexing Test Stand (P/N: P1014)
Hydraulic Test Stand (P/N: P1021)
Hydrostatic Pressure Burst Test Stand (P/N:P1022)
SCSSV Comprehensive Test System
Volumetric Expansion Test Stand (P/N: P1013)
Wellhead Control Panel
Wellhead Devices Hydraulic Test System
Wellhead Devices Leakage Test System
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