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Integrum Risk & Compliance Management Systems software, is used in the Oil & Gas industry to manage all aspects of Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Risk management. integrum is used in operations in the Middle East, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, with over 20,000 users and is rapidly becoming the global benchmark in integrated management systems software.

integrum is a mature fifth generation product for Integrated Management Systems. All functionality is contained in the one application, not in modules, providing ease of use and time and cost effective implementation. integrum contains robust closed loop corrective action processes, incident management, risk assessment and control processes, controlled document management & archive control, audit management, employee training management, supplier and contractor management etc. integrum has specific functionality tailored for the O&G industry, for Risk Assessment, Initial Incident Reporting, Potential Loss Categorization and Observation Cards (complying with major corporate and industry requirements, (including Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and BP). All integrated with its closed loop CAR system and automated email notification and escalation processes. integrum provides both ad hoc search functionality and automated KPI reporting.User definable templates allow organizations to easily tailor the system to their requirements with no need for software hard-coding or costly implementation consulting.

integrum conforms to ISO 14000, 9000, 18000, COSO and other international standards, is fully web enabled and available in language packs. integrum is ideally suited to mobile and off shore operations for a disconnected workforce. While integrum is provided as an in-house system, operating on our clients’ networks, we also offer a fully externally hosted system with the highest level of security.

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integrum is an integrated management systems software in the one application for HSEQ & Risk Management providing: Incident Management, Risk Management & Control, Observation Cards & Potential Loss Categorization


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Incident Management, CARs and Action Processes
Observation Cards
Risk Assessment & Control
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