Tenders for Contracting Services

Tenders and Leads Archive
Bapco Refining's Fish Farm Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design
5 Years LTPA Supply of Miscellaneous Items
Sale & Removal of Facilities & Operations Items
Sewing Machines
Provision of Resources Secondments for Approved Vendor List (AVL) Project PurposeProject Purpose
Provision of Tagging Inventory Stock and Scanning Study
Replenishment of NIKKISO Spares
Roasted Coffee Beans
Supply of Pantry Commissary Items
Groundwater Monitoring & Reporting from Boreholes in Refinery and Sitra Tank Farm
Photocopier Papers for Period of 5Y
Sale & Removal of MOV Spares
M&R Works of Zoom Tower at Taj PS Pattoki - Lahore Division
Fabrication and Installation of Glass Partition at PSO house
Sale & Removal of Automatic Rotating System
Long Term Office Supplies Purchase
Supply of Subsea Cement and Bags for Subsea Grout on Call off Basis
Sale and Removal of Treadmill Machine, Gaming Machine, Babyfoot Table, Air Hockey Table
Sale & Removal of Operations Materials
Supply of Glycols & Amines on Call off Basis
Conference System Upgrade of Meeting Room No.4.
Provision of Heat Transfer Oil for Three Years
Supply and Installation of Indoor LED Display Solution for Viz Room
Call off Contractor for Machining, Balancing and Metal Spraying Services
Prequalification for Provision of Deareators
Materials and Equipment for Warehouse Operation
Provision of Video Conference Equipment
Provision of Supplying Office Chairs for Al-Waha Camp
Provision of Van
WTP Operation Service
Supply of Gas Lift Mandrels & Accessories for Offshore & Onshore Operations On Call- Off Basis
Sale & Removal of IT Items
Provision of Supplying Different Materials and Tools for Production
Purchase of CAT Spear Parts
Purchase Tools For Integrity
Leasing of Accommodation Units at Doha
Substation Module for PS1Q
Provision of Supplying Office Furniture and Facilities for CPF
Long Term Office Supplies Purchase
Purchase Some Materials for New DGS
Supply of Business Papers and Envelops for the Period of 3 Years
Rolling Shutter Doors in Various Locations @ RLIC
3 Years LTPA Schneider Spares
Supply of McMaster Carr Online Catalogue Items on Long Term Agreement Basis
Supply of Seafood Items (Fresh & Frozen)
Sale & Removal of Non Moving Items Used / Unused
Supply of RS Components Online Catalogue Items on Long Term Agreement Basis
Provision of Bundle Infrastructure Support Services Renewal for one (1) Year
Supply of the Consumables and Spares Material for Phase III Power Plant
Warehouse Facility Upgrade Project
Five (5) years LTPA for the Supply of Neck Locks
Misc. Works of Dismantling and Shiftiung of Structures
Renovation Works
Earth/ Khaka Filling T/L Parking Area Measuring 65'X30'= 1950 M2
Spare Part for Towers and Vessels and Reactors
Supply of Technical America INC Element Item
Supplying Consumable Spare Parts
Providing Services for Monolith Tower Logo Flex Replacement Works
Provision of Epoxy Filled Ceramic Pad
Sale & Removal of Warehouse Racks
Supply of Complete Material for Renovation of 02 Lavatories
Supply and Installation of Barbed and Razor Wire at Keamari Terminal A
Stationary Materials
Hand Tools
Supplying, Transporting and Installing T-Wall around Sewage Treatment Station
Procurement of Ullage Paste
Supplying of Medical Equipment
Carrying out Earth Pit Resistance Measurement Checks
Supply of PVC Tapes
Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of CO2 Flooding System
Design, Supply, Fabrication, Installation & Commissioning of Internal Floating Cover (IFC)
Provision of Independent Audit Service and Statutory Audit Service
Sulfur Warehouse
Sport Recreation Materials
Good Housekeeping and Daily Lighting Services
NGP Consumable Materials
Procurement of Spare CTS for Open Access Infrastructure
Procurement of Hand Held GPS and Data & Voice Services
Procurement of Mechanical Fit Non Welded Type Tappred Plugs
Procurement of Mast Dragging Pulley
Coil for the Manufacture of (200) Liter (Drum Body / Ends)
Provision of International Healthcare Service Project
Supplying Zain Charge Card
Annual Contract for Sealing Services at Keamari Terminals A, B & C, Karachi
Procurement of Float Mount Assemblies
Hiring of Services for Execution of Ata -2020 Jobs at UCH-I
Supply of MOGAS 97 RON
Screen for Derrick FLc
Providing Service Assistance in SRU Pelletiser Operation
Reconditioning of Worn out Bearing Seat Area
Providing Chain Link Fencing
Provision of Quantity Surveying Services
Purchase Production of Auxiliary Consumables
Hiring of 2 Nos. ETP for a Period of Two Years
Various Miscellaneous Works
Supply of Demister Pad
Hiring of House Keeping Services
Procurement of Workshop Raw Material
Shifting of Polymer Filled Bags
Renovation and Interior Furnishing of Panta Office
Procurement of Flame Proof Exhaust Fans
Procurement of Packing for Rotary System Tube Dryer
Mud Agitators
Supply of SS WireMesh
Supply of Complete Membrane Housing Assy for Desal Plant
Hiring of Catering and Housekeeping Services
Supply of Fumigation Services
Supply and Installation of Ceramic Fibre Module Lining
Power Plant Operation Service
3Y Supply Long Term Purchase Agreement for Stationery Supplies
Supply of UN Type Cylindrical Metallic Drums
BUT Permanent Camp
Supply and Installation of Curtains with All Fixtures and Fittings
Industrial Fabrication Workshop Material
Supply of Operational Items
Sale & Removal of Miscellaneous Office Furniture
Material Agreement for Supply of Bearings
Replacement of Canopy Top Sheet
Tools Portable Power Driven
Supply of Sample Pot (BRASS) 1000ML at Keamari "B"
Sale & Removal of X-Ray Machine.
Sale & Removal of Catalyst 3.5mm Mesh Size
Replacement of Canopy False Ceiling
Replacement of Canopy Top Sheet
Permanent Fence Boom
Purchase of Stationery
Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Anesthesia Workstation
Supply of 4000 Rl of Bitumen Felt
Stocking & Supply of Industrial, Medical, High Purity, Calibration & Speciality Gases
Appointment to a Panel of Legal Service Providers
Sale & Removal of Miscellaneous Medical Equipment
Sale & Removal of Guide, Wire Ropes and Various Stock Spare Parts
Provision Travel, Ticking Accommodation Services
Providing & Fixing of Laminated Wooden Flooring
Purchasing of Low Value Items Through Purchasing Agent
Provision of Janitorial Services
Supply of Oven and Vaccum Cleaner
Stocking & Supply of Pantry Commissary Items
Stocking & Supply of Office Stationery Items
Catering Services
Annual Contract of Fumigation Services
Sale & Removal of Ditch Pump, Pipe Bending Machines
Annual Contract for Sealing Services
TLS/SSL Certificate
Stocking, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Office Furniture
Removal and Dismantling of PSO Zoom Sign
Online Leak Sealing Jobs on Call-Off Basis
Household Appliance / Various Manufactures
Miscellneous Items Lying
Supply of Offset Papers
Supply, Installation & Fixing of TOE Bars
Procurement of Various Marketing Collateral
Orgwindsock, Type:High Visibillity, Material:Polyester
ID Card Holder
In /Out Driveway Asphalt Carpeting
Disposal of Soaked Molasses Earth/Mud
Annual Contract for Chief Medical Advisor and Services of Medical Center
Replacement of Aluminum Doors and Installation of Aluminum Windows
Internal Audit Services for IT Functions
Work Stations
Integrated Catering and Camp Services
Supply of Giveaways for Industrial Costumers
Provision of Exhibition Stand for Gastech 2018
General Services Parts
Equipping & Erecting 2 Adjacent Warehouses for the year
Provision of Takaful Medical Fund Management Services
Replacement of Canopy Drain Channel & Top Sheet
Furniture for FOD Administrative Office Building
Replacement of Kitchen Flooring and Fabrication of Temporary Kitchen
Scaffolding Services on a Call-off Basis
Providing and Installation of Window Blinds
Stocking, Supply & Installation of Furniture
Replacement of Canopy Top Sheet
Replacement of Canopy Top Sheet of Dewan P/S
Affixing of Anti-Shatter Films on Glasses
Procurement of Miscellaneous items for lavatory
Supple of Heavy Duty Tool Box
Handheld Device for APM Projects
Old Dispensing Unit, D.G.Set and Other Retail Outlet Equipments
Old Dispensing Unit, Signage
FQ Camp Installation
Annual Contract Fumigation Services
Supply and Installation of Window Blinds
General Services Parts
Supply ME Spare Parts M/T Dijlah & Al Forat
Sale & Removal of Washing Machine Spares
Purchase of (01) excavator type” CAT 320 D2”
Supply of Cabin Trolley Bags
Printing & Supply of Office Stationery
Suppliers for Goods, Works and Services
Roof Replacement & Renovation of Facilities Maintenance Workshop
Connectivity of Ps.15 To Line 5
Fabrication and Installation Fibre Car Parking Shed
Sale & Removal of Office, Housing Furniture
Providing Catering and Commodity Service
Installation of New Foam Stations, Foam System & Tie to Tobruk Refinery Tanks
Annual Contract for Binding Services
Purchasing of Medical Equipment
Proposed Conversion of The Go-Down to Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas (Miog) Workshops
Supply of Office Furniture - Ras Laffan
Sale & Removal of RLC Camp & Equipment
Supply and Installation of Indoor Fitness Equipment
Annual Contract of Operational Services
Annual Contract for Fumigation Services
Provision of International Healthcare Service Project
Glassware and Accessories
Provision of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF & E)
Basra Airport Coordination Services
Renovation / Fabrication of New Laboratory
Annual Contract for Public Relation Services
Rehabilitation of the Government Fuel Filling Station
Procurement of Electronic Air Gauges
Replacement of Canopy Top Sheet
Rehabilitation Works at M/s River View F/s Jhelum
Basra Airport Coordination Services
Modification Works for Additional Emergency Response Coordination Centre
Supply of Garnet 20/40
Supply & Installation of Workshop Equipment
Annual Contract for Janitorial Services
Field Operations Support Services
Provision of Bedding Sets for Accommodation
Sale & Removal of Various Spares & Stock Items
Providing Services for Misc Replacement
Road Monitoring Services
Backup Materials
Stocking & Supply of Landscaping Materials
Miscellaneous Civil Works
Design, Supply and Deliver Materials
Improvement of Earthing System
Unit Purchasing and Installation
Construction of Terminal at MGL Mahape
Industrial and Office Facilities Modification
Civil and Electrical Maintenance Works at Dukhan
Mechanical & Civil Jobs in Ammonia & Urea Plants
New BS-132 and Enhancements to BS-131 in NK
Installation & Commissioning of Port-A-Cabins
Annual Turn Around ATA-09 of Uch Plant
EPC for Five Major Projects at ORPC-Sohar
EPC Contract for Diesel Hydro-Desulphurisation Revamp
Al-Qurain Hill Nature Reserve
Supply of Personal Protective Equipments
General Maintenance Services for Qalhat Plant
Well Head Control Panels (WHCP)
Accommodation and Support Services
DSSA-3 / Fishing Tools & Miscellaneous Drill Services
DSSA-3 / Casing and Tubing Equipment Services
DSSA-3 / Cement Products and Services
DSSA-3 / Wireline Logging Services
Suppliers of Base Oils & Additives
Dharif Water Injection Pilot
Gulf Oil and Gas
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