Tenders for Civil Works - Finishing works

Tenders and Leads Archive
Civil Works Required for Work over Job at Chanda well#04
Additional Civil Works Required at UCH Well #34, Balochistan
Upgradation of Roller Shutters & Miscellaneous Civil Works
Civil Works Required for Pre-Drilling Engineering Works at Togh Well No. 02
Civil Works Required for Wali Power Generation Project along with Hard Standing
Civil Works Required for p & a Rigless Job
Civil Works Required for Leakage/ Seepage Problem at Residential Staff Houses
Miscellaneous Civil Works for Control Tower Room of 9 MMTPA CBR
Miscellaneous Civil Works at Various Locations in Dukhan Fields
Pcc Flooring/ CC Paving Stone
Civil Works for Installation of Under Ground Fuel Storage Tanks (15kls)
Providing Services for Replacement of Pavers, Road Carpeting, Earthing Work and Light Poles
Call off Contract for Miscellaneous Civil Works
Pavement Work
Providing of Leveling and Pouring the Service
Station SR2 Access Road Improvement Works
Providing Services for Misc. Civil & Paint Works
Supply of Civil Works on Storage Tanks
Supply of Leveling and Pouring the Service Road
Miscellaneous Structural and Civil Works
Civil and Minor Maintenance Activities
Civil Works
Providing Earth Filling & Other Related Civil Works
Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Chillers in Cob Mic
Civil Works
Procurement of Civil, Plumbing and Carpentry Items
Surface Preparation and Coating Services
Configure Land with Concrete Base of the Drilling Rig OW23
Civil Works
Additional/Civil Works
Civil Works Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Small Construct
Procurement & Installation of Window Roller Blind Fabric
Civil Works at SU1Z in Merapani Area
Hiring of Contract for Various Civil Works
Civil Works at Drill Site SUAC
Civil and Building Works
Civil Works at Drill Site MRAJ
Civil Works at Drill Site MRAJ
Repair and Renovation of TSR Living Barracks
Civil Works in WMT Building
Providing Civil Works at Drill Site Pude in Magimalai Village
Providing Civil Works at "MPMAA' Drill Site in Kilaperumalai Village
Annual Rate Contract for Minor Repair of Approach Roads and Premises of Surface Installation
Civil Works at Drill Site KHDF in Khoraghat Area
Engineering Study
Providing Civil Works
Miscellaneous Civil Works
Provision of Civil Engineering Services
Civil Works
Assorted Civil Works
Civil Works
EPIC of Culvert and Other Miscellaneous Civil Works
Civil Works for Repair and Construction of Pipeline Support
Printing and Installation of Flex Skins
Civil Works
Civil Works
Civil Works
Execution of Civil Works
Civil Works for Repair and Construction
Plastering and Concreting of the Deteriorated Civil Structures
Repairing of Civil Works
Providing Services for Civil Structure Painting
Services Required for Carpentry Works
Gulf Oil and Gas
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