Tenders for Environmental Services

Tenders and Leads Archive
HSE Equipment and Materials
Provision of Environmental Consultancy Services
Provision of Environmental Monitoring and Consulting Services
Monitoring of Environmental Parameters
Testing of Environmental Parameters
Environmental Audit / Management Plan for KTA , KTB & KTC
Environmental Baseline Survey
Supply of Environment Pollution instrument
Hiring of Services for Environmental
Environmental Testing
Environmental Services
Testing of Environmental Parameters
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Project Report
Hiring of Services for Amendment in Environment Clearance (Ec) & Combined Consent
Environmental Services
Environmental Analysis of HVAC, Boiler & Generator
Annual Blanket Contract for Environmental Monitoring
Auxiliary Plants
Provision of Environmental Studies
Study for Delineation of Oil Contaminated Areas
Environment Renovation Project
Disposal of Dry & Green Trees
Testing of Environmental Parameters
Marine Environment Impact Study
Environment Renovation Project
Testing of Environmental Parameters
Services for Renovation of Main Gantry Island
Provision of Gardening and Landscaping Service
Relaying of Pavers at Diffrent Area
RLC Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification
Annual Contract for Providing Agricultural Services
Disposal of Different Trees within Depot Premises
Decontamination Works during APTA 2017
Environmental Parameters Testing at New Faisalabad Depot
Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality
Specialized Services for Health, Safety & Environment Resources
Environmental Pollution Instrument
Consultancy for Preparation of ESIA/Project Report
Providing of Recycling Awareness Programmes
Providing Safety & Environmental Educational Classes
Carrying out Environmental Assessment
Environmental Support Services
Fire Water Lagoons
O&M of Monitoring Environmental Buoys
FEED for Sludge Handling Facilities
Installation of Air Quality Monitoring Stations
Environment Baseline Survey
Environmental Data Management System
Soil Remediation Service
Soil Remediation
Soil Remediation in Fields
Consultancy Services for HSE Studies
HSE Studies Consultancy Services
Studies Consultancy Services
Project Management Services
Air Quality Monitoring Stations
Assessment of Chemicals Impact
Pre-Qualification Environmental Base
Maintenance and Engineering Services
Refinery Process Decontamination Services
Palynology Analysis
Al Jurf Phase 2 Offshore Environmental Studies
CPC Announcement for Environmental Impact Assessment
Development of Studies on Environmental Impact of Various Pipeline
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