Tenders for Service Companies

Tenders and Leads Archive
Supply and Setting up of New Soft Play Area Equipment
Medical Physician Vetting Services
Supply of Medical Equipment’s to Labor room and Neonatal or Pediatric care unit
Supply x-ray Devices with Accessories 2
Hiring of Hiace (Ambulance)
Emergency Medical and Safety Rescue Service
Purchase of Spares for EDH/EDS and Electrical Auxiliary Equipment for Production Facilities
Kitchen and Housekeeping Materials
Supply/Provision of Blankets for Staff Member at EFP-5, Hyderabad, Sindh
Purchase of 20 Accommodation Caravans, 20 Portable Toilets, 20 Water Tanks, 20 Septic Tanks
Provision of Health & Medical Services
Sale & Removal of Healthcare Items
Supply of Uniform Set for Guards, Quantity = 340 Sets
Hiring of Coaster (31 Seater) for Pick and Drop of Local Students
Purchase of HSEQ Signboards Required for Wali oil & gas Field
Supply of Direct Digital Radiography X Ray Imaging System
Provision of Store Keepers & Material Handlers at Halul
Purchase of Insulation Gi Sheet (24 bwg) for Insulation Jobs at Dakhni Plant
Procurement of Coverall for Officers of Tando Alam Oil Complex
Headhunting Service
Procurement of Bed Sheets and Pillows
Purchase Furniture and Office Desk & Chair
Supply of Carpet for Executive Offices
Supply of Eliminators
Three (3) years Purchase Agreement for Supply of Kitchen Cabinets
Sale & Removal of Alumunium Doors and Units
Sale & Removal of Alumunium Doors and Units
Supply Steel Drums for Period of 5Y on Call off Agreement Basis
3 years Medications LTPA
Catering Service for FOD Iraqi Employees
Provision of Medical Services
Three (3) years Purchase Agreement for the Supply of Sofa Sets to Awali Houses
Additional Catering Facilities Dukhan
Supply & Installation of Furniture (TV Tables, Sofa Sets & Dining Tables).
Supply & Installation of Soft Furnishings
4 Years Long Term Purchase Agreement For the Supply of Windsocks, Lab Gloves & Coveralls
Provision of Replacement Service of Artificial Turf Football Pitch
Supply of Juices & Dairy Products
Provision of Designated Smoking Areas @ Various STNS in DKN Fields
Supplying Landscape Tools for Al-Waha Camp
Provision of Independent Audit Service and Statutory Audit Service for Ahdeb Project
Chinese Catering Service
Provision of Relocation Support Services for Global Mobility
Provision of ESP Rental Service for Five Years
Supplying General Tools and Consumables for WP/ERT/GPS
Sale & Removal of Projectors, Office Chairs, Miscellaneous Spares & Electrical Items
Sale and Removal of Clinical - Hospital Equipment & Furniture, Medical Laboratory
LTPA for the Supply of Liner Hanger & Associated Services
Medical Services
Sale and Removal of Medical Laboratory Appliances and Hosiotal Furniture at Ras Laffan
Purchase of Medical Materials Related to COVID-19
Supply of PSO Fuel Cards Stationery Items
Supply of Digital Price Display Unit Sets for Monolith Tower
Good Housekeeping & Delighting Services
Sale & Removal of Office Furniture, Office Equipment, Appliances
Sale & Removal of Office Furniture at Mesaieed
Admin. General Services
Supply of Sick Spares
Sale and Removal of Kitchenware & Crockery Items, Home Appliances and Furniture
Sale & Removal of Office Furniture
Provision of Furniture and Office Supplies
Annual Contract for LPG Hospitality Services
Hiring of Share Registrar Services andShare Transfer Agent
Provision of Catering Services
3Y Agreement for Supply of Grocery
Provision of Supply, Install and Operation of Medical PSA Oxygen Plant
Provision of Oxygen Bottles and Medical Supplies
Provision of Covid-19 Intensive Care Ventilators Devices
Supply of 3-Ply Disposable Medical Face Masks
Supply, Fabrication, Transportation and Installation of Single Bay Oil Change Canopy
Independent Audit service and Statutory Audit Service
Provision of Medical Services & Ambulance Nurses (Three Year Term)
Sale & Removal of School Laboratory Furniture, Office Equipment
Sale & Removal of Office Furniture and Equipment in Dukhan
Supply Medicine and Pharmaceutical Products
Supplying COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Cassette
Optical Emission Spectrometer highthroughput Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)
Dukhan Breathing Apparatus Support Unit
Provision of Personal Protective Materials
Hiring of Services for Support Assistance Dresser
Sale & Removal of Miscellaneous Medical Equipment
Hiring of Ambulance
LPG, Hospitality Services
Annual Contract for Binding Services
Supply of Furniture & Play Equipment
Provision of Catering and Housekeeping Services
Supply of Hose at Karachi Airport
Provision of Constructing Sewage
Mobile Filing System
Hospitality Services Contract for LPG Bulk Storage
Sale & Removal of Office Furniture Items
Sale & Removal of Al- Khatiyah Work Barge (Mesaieed)
Provision of Health and Medical Services
Annual Contract for Conservancy Services
Stocking & Supply of Medical & Security Uniform
Provision of Integral Drainage System Project
Operation and Maintenance of Sewage System
Supply, Refill, Maintenance& Certification of various Industrial
Services for Installation of Fixture & Furniture
Rehabilitation of Sewerage System for ZOT
Provision of Catering Services and Management
Provision of Catering & Housekeeping for Base Camp
Technical Personnel & Technical Support Service
Provision of Locum Physiotherapist
Supplying of Coverall, Winter Jacket
Provision of Door to Door Shipping Services
Disposal of Miscellaneous Scrap Items
Office Furniture, Chairs & Kitchen Items
Provision of Catering and Housekeeping Services
Corporate Travel Management Services
Provision & Installation of Alimunium Glass Partition
Office Stationery
Supply of Portable Foam Units for various PSO Locations
Provision of Medical Equipment Tracking System
Microwave Oven, Hot Plates, Kettles, Grinders, Boilers, Cooking Range, Refrigerators
Provision of International Medical Service
G.I Filling Chutes 4" Dia 5 1/2 FT Long and 4" Dia 2' X 2' X 2' Zig Zag
Services Required for Carpentry Works
Supply of Office Furniture
Sale & Removal of Office Furniture
Production Operation Services
Preparation of ERDMP Plan
Supply of Medical and Dental Equipments
Supply & Delivery of Stationery and Cartdriges
Provision of Hotel & Catering Services for Sea Eagle FPSO
Provision of Technical Services
Validation & Certification Services
H2S Services for Drilling Operations
Long-Term Contract for Fixed Wing Aviation Services
Call Out Diving for Special Services
Gulf Oil and Gas
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