Tenders for Drilling & Well Services

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Geotechnical Site Investigation, Soil Testing & Rig Positioning Services
Provision of Downhole Tools and Associated Services
Provision of Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) with Associated Equipment and Services
Provision for Mitigation of Soil Erosion for Khuff-D Facilities
For Mud Detergent
Tertiary Well Control Service
Provision of Well Control Services
Water Injection Tools and Associated Service
Procurement of Graphite Flakes for EOR Wells
Procurement of Steel Wire Rope for Drilling Services
Procurement of Slammer Logging Cable
Acid & Hydraulic Fracturing, New Stimulation Technology Service
Provision of Fishing and Rental Services
Gas Well Batch Inhibition Services
Provision of New Construction Operation Platform
Stocking & Supply of Liner Hanger Complete & Compatible
Provision of Mechanical Wireline Services
Stocking & Supply of Wellhead Equipment & Services
Shale Stabilizer
Acquisition of Cased Hole Well Integrity Logging Tools
Provision of Services for Analysis of Drilling Data
Provision of PLT and Associated Services
Provision of Well Site Supervision & Associated Services
Configure Land with Concrete Base
Provision of Drilling Pad Well Cells Positioning Services
Provision of Slickline Equipment and Services
Well Pad Location Board
Water Boring Work
Provision of Open Water Intervention Services
Provision of Liner Hanger Services
Provision of Wireline Fishing and Pipe Recovery Services
ESP Equipment and Associated Service Purchase
Gas Lift Choke Automation- Full field (150 wells)
Provision of Subsea Top Hole, Metrology & Positioning Services
Provision of Well Tractor Services
ESP Equipment and Associated Service Purchase
Project of Disposal and Associated Water Injection
ESP Associated Equipment Lease Service
ESP Cable Clamp Purchases for 30 Wells
Provision of Well Acidizing and Related Services
Provision of 550 HP Pulling Unit Services
Provision of Acidizing Service
ESP Associated Equipment Lease Service
Drilling Service and Installation CP Wells
Core Barrel With S/P
Provision of Services for Surface Sampling
Hydraulic Jar
Material for RO Water Skid Installation 3 Deep Water Wells
Acid Stimulation of the Wells
Provision of Wellbore Cleaning Services
ESP Tubing Cable Clamps Purchasing
Hiring of Coring Services
Well Intervention and Associated Works
Electrical (HOL) TIE-IN of Six (6) Oil Wells
Provision of Well Site Supervision and Associated Services
Provision of Barite for Drilling Operation of 2017
Provision of Mud Lab Rental & Technical Services
Provision of Slick line & Braided Line Services
Supply of Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
Onshore Drilling Services
Bids for Bentonite Powder
Provision of Well Control Services
Provision of Polymer Drilling Fluid Loss Agent
Supply Modified Guar Gum
Supply HPLC System
Maintenance & Repair of Drilling workshop Items
Pilot Trial of Downhole Chemical Injection System with Capillary String for Natural Flow Wells
Onshore Drilling & Completions Support Services
Supplying of Drilling Services
Pilot of Smart Casing Landing Shoe Technology
Provision of Downhole Tools & Fishing Services
Purchase & Procures of Requirements, S.S. Screen for Water Wells
Support Services of Downhole Pumps
Electrification of Oil Wells
Electrification of Three Wells
Tie-in wells
Services for drilling Operations
Invitation to Tender
Onshore Aerated Mud Drilling Package
Technical Service
Provision of Slickline Services
Supply Contract of Wellhead Materials
Provision of Solids Control Services
Provision of Solids Control Services
Well Control Specialist Services
Provision of Slickline Services
Solids Control Equipment & Services
Liner Hanger Equipment & Services
Gravel Pack, Frac Pac Equipment & Services
Provision of Conductor Piling Equipment
Hiring of Blowout Well Control Services
Provision of Liner Hangers Services
Supply of P/F Web Wilson
Parts for Crown Block
Parts for National Swivel
IWCF International Training Courses
Announcement for Drilling Companies
Supply of MWD Services
Gas Well Batch Inhibition Services
Bayron Jackson Pnematic Parts for "Varco"
Parts for Oilwell A27-1/2 Rotary
Parts for Oilwell A27-1/2 Rotary
Parts for Oilwell Traveling Block
Jetting & Post Jetting Sections Drilling Fluids
Provision of drilling/completion and engineering services
Supply of P/F" Cameron
Refurbishment of 10 Stack & Annulars BOP
Repair of 10 Units of Choke Manifold 10k
Repair of One Unit Choke Manifold 15k
Repair of 16 Choke Manifold 5k Units
Provision of Drilling Tools Rental Services
Provision of Fishing Tools and Services
Supply of Well Head Equipment
Tracer Injection in Water Injection Wells
P/F National Oil Well Twin Cementer
Parts for "National Oilwell" Twin Cementer
Provision of Surface Well Testing
Provision of Tubing & Drill Collar Equipment
Skid Mounted Steam Exchanger
Parts for National Swivel Type P-400
Purchase P/F Core Barrel
Tool Joint & Drill Collar Compound
Supply and Delivery of Mud Materials
Accessories for Tesco Top Drive
Hydraulic Whipstock
Supply of Drilling Line
Separate Type Hook Addcording
Drilling Jars & Accelerators
P/F "VARCO" Top Drive
Drilling Fluids and Completions
Supplying Spare Parts & Accessories For Well
Provision of Permanent Gauge Services
Offshore Drilling Services
Coring Operation and Related Services
Plug & Abandon Water Disposal Well
Provision of Wellhead and X-Mass Tree
Fishing Services
Tubular Running Service
Coring Analysis Services
Coring Services
Drill Stem Test Services
Provision of Mechanical Wireline Services
Operational Services for Drilling and Workover
Coring Services
Casing and Tubular Running Services
Drilling & Completion Fluids & Related Services
Cementing Equipment, Materials & Services
Coring Services for Drilling Operations
Drilling Rig with Crew
Drilling Rig & Services
Provision of Coring Equipment & Services
Onshore Drilling Services
Drilling and Completion of 30 Wells
Casing Services
Drilling Fluids Services
BP Libya Well Services
Drilling Services
DSSA-3 / Drilling Fluid Products and Services
Drilling and Completion of 30 Wells
Hiring of Cementing Services Including Cementing Unit
Hiring of Services for Sand Control through Gravel Pack in Oilfields
H2S Equipment Supply and Services in Libya
Drilling and Completion of 20 Wells in Nassirya Field
Drilling and Completion of 45 Wells in South Rumaila Field
Drilling and Completion of 15 Wells in Ratawi Fields
Drilling of 20 Inclined Wells for Injection Disposal Water
Call for “Downhole and Fishing Tool Rental Sevices Tender” for Exploration Wells in Area 147/3&4
Gulf Oil and Gas
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