Tenders for Cementing, Stimulation

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Data Mapping Services for Offshore & Onshore Wells
Provision of Cementing, Pumping & Acid Services for Offshore Operations
Upgrade of Operator Training Simulator Systems for Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Complex (ENG-PCED)
Provision of Cementing, Acid Spot Pressure Testing / Pumping Equipment and Services
Purchase of Low Temperature Retarder for Class "g" Cement Slurries
Supply of DV Cementing Tools and Associated Services
Provision of Secondary Cementation Services
Procurement of 5000 Pounds of Liquid Loss Control Additive (FLAC)
Supply of Cement Class "G"
3000 m Tons of Oil Well Cement Class G
Procurement of Liner Hanger
Cementing Study for 9-5/8 Casing and Liner
Supply of Oil Well Cement Additives
Supply of Cementing Study for 9-5/8 Casing and Liner
Provision of Cementing Services
Supply Contract of Oil Well Cement for 3 Years
Provision of Acid Stimulation Services
Hiring of Cementing & BHP Services
Provision of Running the Cased Wireline Services at Erawin Field (Nc200)
Provision of Cementing Equipment, Materials & Services
Procurement of Cement Class "G"
Stocking & Supply of Class G Oil Well Cement
Provision of Cement Lining
Provision of 9 5/8-7 Liner Hanger & Technical Service
Stocking & Supply of Floating Equipment, Downhole Cementing Equipment
Supply of Cementing Unit
Stab-In Unit and Cementing Equipment
Flow Simulation System
Stocking & Supply of Class G Oil Well Cement
Oil Well Cementing & Pumping Services
Cement oil wells
Provision of Cementing & Rig Based Acidization Equipment
Provision of Cementing Equipment, Material and Services
Provision of Cementing Services
Oil Well Cement & Additives
Supply of 2'' Cementing & Circulating Hoses
Oil Well Cement and Additives
Hiring Loading Services for Oil Well Cement
Supply of Cement, Ordinary Portland
Supply of Stage Cementing Collar
Supply of Bottom Cementation System
Cementing Equipment, Material and Engineering
Provision of Stimulation & Nitrogen Equipment
Class G Cement with High Resistance
Supply of Liner Hanger & Hydraulic Cementer
Provision of Stimulation Vessel
Providing of Cement & Oilwell
Pilot of Fishbones Stimulation Completion System
Matrix Acidization Services
Supply of Floating Equipment
Provision of Cementing and Test/Pump Equip. Services
Provision of Cementing and Stimulation Services
Supply of Float & Downhole Cementing
Cementing &Rig Based Acidization Equipment
Cementing, Pumping Services for Exploration Drilling Activities
Provision of Cementing and Pumping Services
Cementing Services and Stimulation
Supply of Cementing Equipment
Cementing and Pumping Units
P/f SJ Cementing Unit
Provision of Cement and Cementing Services
Cementing Equipments
Supply of Cementing Unit
Supply of Cementing Unit
Supply of Cementing Unit
Provision of Cementing Skid Units
Cement of Class G
Vertical Cement & Cementing Head
Integral Equipments for Cementing Units
Provision of Stimulation Additives
Cement Add
Provision of Stimulation Additives
Cement Add
Cement Stocking and Supply
Cement of Class G
Stimulation Additives
Cementing and Stimulation
Cement ADD
Cement Class G Equipments
Cement Add Equipments
Cement & Rig Based Acidization Equipments
Cementing & Light Spot Acid Equipments
Cementing and Stimulation Services
Oil Well Cement, Additives & Stimulation Program
Cementing Services and Materials
Oil Well Cement Class (G) High Sulfate Resistant
Gulf Oil and Gas
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