Tenders for Analyzers, Gas

Tenders and Leads Archive
Supply & Installation of Fractional Crude Oil Distillation Analyzer
Supply of Dew Point Analyzer Spares
Supply of DEW Point Analyzer for KD
Sulfur Analyzer according to UOP 987
Prequalification of Process Analyzers
Supply of H2S & SO2 Analyzer System Package
Supply of Moisture Analyzer
Supply of Dewpoint Analyzer Enclosure
Standard (Consumables) for Spectroil Metal Analyzer
Standard (Consumables) for Spectroil Metal Analyzer
Upgrade of Air Demand Analyzer
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Reformulyzer Gas Chromatography
Procurement of Field Mounted Online Moisture Analyzer
Filed and Online Moisture Analyzer Exposition Proof Complete
Procurement of Ultra Low Sulphur Analyzer
Update Apparatus for Determine Analysis of C1 through C5 Hydrocarbons
Supply of online Gas Chromatographs
Analyzer and Reading SO2
Supply , Operate and Install Silicometer Analyzer
Upgrade of Gas Chromatograph (GC) Analyzers
Supply of Spares for Oil Content Analyzer
Complete on-Line Oxygen Analyzer for Flue Gases
Annual Rate Contract (NCAMC) for Thermofisher Make Analyers
Analyzer and Reading SO2
Instrument & Meter
Supply Installation and Commissioning of Process Gas Chromatographs
Supply of Windrock Portable Analyzer
Supply of Carbon Sulphur Analyser
Procurement of Silica Analyzers
In Situ Type Stack Analyzers
Providing Backup Tools
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Hydrocarbon in Water Analyzer
Procurement of Auto Distillation Analyzer
Miscellaneous Instrumentation PCRS (2019) in Dukhan Fields
Analyzer Explostion Proof
Online Total Sulfur Analyzer
Supply of Analyzer
Sale & Removal of Analyzer THERMO Eurogals, Oven, Chromatography System
Upgrade of SO2 Analyzer
Supplying of Moisture Analyzer Device (Hygrometer)
Supply, Installation, Training & AMC of Static Gel Strength Analyzer
Operate and Install Silicometer Analyzer
Supply and Install Gas Chromatograph Analyzer
Supply and Install Gas Chromatograph for LPG Analyzer
Supply and Install Gas Chromatograph Analyzer
Gas Analysis for Norm and Mercury
Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer
Supply & Install and Commissioning of Bench Top Trace Sulphur Analyzer
Supply, Installation & Commissioning of TOC Analyzer
Supply, Installation, Training & Commissioning of Piona Gas Analyzer
Up to Date Analyzer
Supply of Gas Chromatograph
Supply of Liquid Gas Chromatograph
Supply and Replacement of Various Analyzers
Servicing, Repair & Calibration of Analyzers
Supplying of Gas Calibration
Supplying of Analyzer Spares
Gas Chromatograph Analyzers
Laboratory TOC Analyzers
Supply of Gas Chromatography
Supply of Laboratory Automatic Distillation Analyzer
Laboratory Analyzer of Petroleum Products
Supply of Portable Hydrogen Sulfides Analyzer
Supply of Distillation Analyzer
P/F Alstom Gas Chromatograph Analyzer
Supply of Carbon Analyzer
Gas-Chromatograph Analysers & Lab items
Repair of Metal Analyzer
Supply of Two Auto Distillation Analyzers
Supply of Siemens Analyzer Spares
Dimension Xpand Analyzer
Supply of Chloride Analyzer
EPIC of Process Analyzers
Analyzing & auto blending System
EPIC of Oxygen and Moisture Analyzer
Oxygen Analyzers Supplying and Installation
Natural Gas Density Analyzer
Supply of Pollution Control and Analyzing Equipment
Gulf Oil and Gas
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