Tenders for Transportation and Vehicles

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Vehicle Rental Services in Halfaya Oil Field
Ambulance Vehicle 4 X 4
Sale & Removal of Used Ambulance
Purchasing Four SUV and Six Pickups
Hiring of Hiace (ambulance)
Provision of Midclass Executive Sedan
Provision of Drivers and Bus Shuttles Services for three (3) year period
Purchase Heavy Mobile Workshop
Provision of Travel Support Services
Fire Division Tools and Equipment
Hiring of Bullet Proof Vehicles (b-6 protection level)
Hiring of Vehicles on Rental Basis for Engineering Field Party (efp-v)
Shifting of Aviation Equipment from Multan Airport to Nawabshah Airport
Supply of Tyres for Refuellers and Operational Vehicles based at PSO Aviation Station
Insurance Broker and Motor Vehicle Package Insurance Policy for years 2023-2026
Call off Contract for Bolt Torquing/Tension Services at various Locations
Provision of Electric vehicle for CPF and Camp of Al-Waha
Sale & Removal of Used Cars
Provision of Heavy Vehicles & Mobile Equipment on Call off Basis
Contract for the T Wall Supply & Transportation
Aviation Services
Provision of Aviation Safety Audits for Charter Flight Services Companies
Hiring of Rental Caravans (15 nos.) for a period of 02 months
Provision of Fleet Vehicle leasing for five (5) years
Hiring Services of Transport Firms for Shifting of Rig n-2 from bhambra-2 to nimwest-1/ nim area
Armored Vehicles Leasing
Hiring of Vehicles on Rental Basis
GPS Vehicle Tracking Service
Supplying Electric Vehicle for CPF and Camp of Al-Waha
Provision of Vehicles
Hiring of Vehicles at Rig SK-750
Four (4) Year Provision of Leased Vehicles & Short Leased Vehicles
90 Allotted & Pool Vehicles Monthly Tracker Monitoring Fee & Installation Charges
4Y Provision of Leased Vehicles & Short Vehicles for the Department Services
Purchase and Removal of Scrapped Vehicles and Equipment
Sale & Removal of Ambulances and Pick up Trucks at Ras Laffan
Provision of Spare Parts and Associated Materials for Vehicles
Provision of Vehicle Lease Agreement Services (Four Years Term)
Charter of Well Services Support Vessels
Hiring of Vehicles for Dakhni Processing Plant
Hiring of Heavy Vehicle for Logistic Services
Provision of Ticket Service Agent Project
Annual Contract of Tank Lorry Decantation, Tanker Receipt Operation
Sale & Removal of Foam Trailers, Mercedes Truck and Ambulance
Armored Vehicles Leasing
Rent Car Hyundai Starex 11 Passengers, Number 8
Sale & Removal of Club Car & Double Cab Pickups
Transfer of Employees of Najaf Refinery
Procurement of Double Cabin Pickup Vehicles
Procurement of Sealing Wire for sealing of Tank Lorries and Tank Wagons
Toyota Double Cabin (4x4) Model Minimum upto 2015
01 No Toyota Double Cabin (4x4), Model 2016-2020 with Driver and Security System
Sale and Removal of Pick up Trucks and Refrigerated Van
Transferring the Affiliates of Al Samawah Refinery
Provision of Light Vehicle Rental Service
Provision of Travel Services
Provision of Temporary Vehicle License Book Renewal
Hiring of Earthmoving Machinery/ Equipment
Procurement of Aviation Hose for Mobile Equipment
Annual Rate Contract (ARC) for Transportation of Materials
Hiring of Light Vehicles
Hiring of 2 Nos of Crawler Tractor
01 No Toyota Double Cabin (4x4)
Hiring of Transport Services
Hiring of Vehicle for O&M and Security Work
Hiring of Service of Customs House Agent
Transport Firms for Shifting
Hiring of Multi Utility Vehicle
Hiring of Vehicle for Jhbdpl Phase 2A
Hiring of Vehicle for Construction Activities
Disposal of Used Motor Vehicles
Hiring of Services of Light Vehicles
Providing Transportation Services
Aviation Services
Hiring of Vehicles
Turnkey Transportation of Drilling Rig
Hiring of Transport Services
Sewop to Support Telemetry Project and Offshore Operations
Hiring of Vehicles for Constructing
Pre-qualification of Transport Firms for Shifting of Rigs
Sale & Removal of Catering Materials, Golf Buggies and Photocopiers
Aviation Services
Vehicle Leasing
Provision of Customs Clearance and Transportation Services
Supplying Spare Parts for Ford Double Cabin Pickup
Sale & Removal of Car Shades and Electrical / Automatic Filing System
Provision of Renewal & Rename Service for Vehicles
Provision of Explosive Clearance Services
Provision of Transportation Services and Supply of Vehicles
Supply of Brake Fluid
Supplying of Station Wagon Gasoline Vehicles 4×4 Oty.15
Transportation of 02 Nos Aircraft Refueller
Supply of Rapid Intervention Vehicle
Supplying Spare Parts for Different Cars
Provision of Logistics Service for 3 Sets New Solar Turbines
Procurement of Tractor
Supply of Consumable Parts for FOD Vehicles
Charter Flight Services
Renewal Service for About 130 Temporary Vehicle Plates
Provision of Drone Services
Transfer of Employees of Najaf Refinery
Sale & Removal of "Ford" Fire Vehicle (Cancelled) and "TCM" Fork Lift
Transfer of Employees of Diwaniya Refinery
Transportation of Employees of the Samawah Refinery
Provision of Safety Audit for Charter Flight Services
Hiring of Services for Transportation of Goods By Road
Supply & Installation of Under Vehicle Surveillance System
Procurement of Aircraft-Underwing Couplings
Hiring of Tractor Trailor Units
Breathing Apparatus Recovery Vehicle Unit (1 No.)
Rapid Intervention Vehicles, Diesel Engine Driven (2 Nos)
Procurement of 03 Nos. 10,000 USG Refueller
Procurement of 1300 cc Toyota Corolla
Old Vehicles (Cars) Parked
Rotational Charter Services
Annual Contract for Rent a Car Services
Provision of Heavy Vehicles Rental Service
Sale & Removal of Van, Self Load Truck
Transportation of Aviation Refueller, Aviation Pumper & Hydrant Cart
Annual Contract for Staff Transportation of all over Pakistan
Corporate Travel and Booking Services
Transfer of Employees of the Kut Warehouse
Transfer of Employees
Transfer of Employees of Najaf Refinery
Hiring of Vehicles for S&LR Department Noida
Transfer of Employees of Samawah Refinery
Sale & Removal of Toyota Rav-4
Transportation of 02 no Hydrant Servicers
Provision of Charter Flight Service
Hiring of HSD Transportation Services from Hazira Plant
Hiring of Vehicles for o&m Activities
Hiring of Vehicles for Shift Duty
Provision of Travel Management Services
Provision of Four Wheel Drive Long Wheel Base Vehicles
Procurement of Single Cabin Hilux or equivalent Vehicle
Transfer of Employees
Transfer of Employees of Najaf Branch
Annual Contract for Tank Lorry Decantation
Purchase and Procures of Qty (7) 4wd Ambulance Vehicle & (5) 2wd Ambulance Vehicle
Transfer Contract of the Employees of the Refinery
Procurement of 03 Nos. 10,000 USG Refueller
Procurement of Items for Fixed Facility & Aviation Refuellers
Transfer Contract (Members of Diwaniya Refinery)
Provision of Diesel Transportation Service
Procurement of Suzuki Ravi
Provision of Heavy Vehicles and Mobile Equipment
Rapid Intervention Vehicle
Provision of Logistics Service
Provision of Logistics Service for Air Shipments
Provision of Lugger Bucket Services
Annual Contract for Tank Lorry Decantation
Replacement of Deteriorated G.I. Sheet
Provision of Vehicles Service
Supply of 30 Nos 1300 CC Toyota Corolla and 01 Hiace Van
Manufacture New T-Walls
Replacement of Flights in CSP Granulators
Dismantling of 85 Feet High PSO Zoom Sign
Transportation of Aircraft Refueller
Long Term Procurement Document Transportation
Provision of Short Term Lease of Vehicle Contracts
Procurement of Spare Parts of Flight Line Hydrant Servicer & Garsite Refueller
Transportation of Aircraft Refueller
Charter and Operation of One Brand New Diving Support Vessel
Transportation of Aviation Equipment
Renovation of Tank Lorry PMG Filling Gantry
Provision of Charter Flight Services
Vehicle Leasing
Supply and Installation of Car Parking Shades
Annual Contract for Tank Lorries Decantation Services
Staff Transport Services
Rent a Car Services
Aircraft Charter Services
Long Term Procurement Document Transportation
Personnel Transportation Services
Provision of In-House Travel Service
Provision of Ticket Service Agent Project
Domestic Shipping Vessel Agency 3 Years
Provision of Travel Services
Provision of Transport Services
Provision of Bus Transportation Services
Provision of Leased Vehicles for Various Departments
Provision of Management Leased Vehicles
Transfer of the Employees
Provision of Land Transportation Services from/to Onshore Company Sites
Transfer of the Employees
Transfer of the Comapny's Employees
Long Term Logistics Services
Shipping Agency Services
Long Term Procurement Document Transportation
Dismantling of IT Towers at Various Locations
Provision of Temporary Shipments Renewal and Rename Service
Transportation of Filter Elements
Transportation of MQTU Van Registration
Provision of Logistic Services
Purchase of Armored Vehicles
Disposal of Old Retail Equipment
Disposal of Old Retail Equipment
Provision of Logistic Services
Provision of Transport Equipment
Transportation of Employees
Backup Tools for Jost Trailers
Provision of Land Transportation From /To Company Sites and Warehouses
Vehicle Leasing
Provision of Vehicles Spare Parts for Workshop
Transportation of Employees
Corporate Travel Management Services
Provision of Logistic Services
Rent Big Jeep
Rent Variety Large Cars and Provide Drivers
Rent Large Saloon Cars
Transit Lines to Employees
Transportation of Employees
Spare Parts for Hydraulic Winches
Transfer of Employees
Supply of Air Gauges at Central Store Keamari Terminal B
Replacing Fibre Sheet of Car Parking Shed
Waste Management Services within North Operational Areas
S/P for Top Drive
Services of Brand New Tata Indica Diesel Driven Vehicle
Supply of Tyres, Tubes & Flaps
Hiring Vehicles Services
Maintenance Support Services for Measurement Facilities
Disposal of VW 2016
Hiring Services of Passenger Vehicles
Hiring Brand New Tata Sumo 4WD Vehicle
Supply of Spare Parts for Iveco Tracks
Hiring Services of Brand New 2WD Vehicle
Transportation Service
Provision of Air Travel, Accommodation and Car Rental
Supply of Double Ca pick-up bin
Purchase of Armored Vehicles
Hiring of Vehicles for O&M works
Hiring of Vehicles
Hiring Brand New Bolero Camper Services
Hiring the Services of 4 Wheel AC Vehicle
Supply of Tires
Supply of Tires with Different Sizes
Hiring Services of Two Brand New Tractor Trailer Units
Supply of In House Travel Management Services
Disposal of Obsolete Assets
Provision of Travel Agency Services
Hiring the Services of Hired Vehicle
Hiring Services of 4 Wheel AC Vehicle
Hiring Services of Tata Indica Vehicle
Hiring Services of Travera & Innova Vehicle
Transportation Service
Provision of Logistics & Associated Services
Provision of Short Take-Off & Landing (STOL) Aircraft
Provision of Two FSIVs for Offshore Operations
Design and Supply of Boats
Air Transportation Services to Onshore Fields
Business Travel Services
Sale of Motor Vehicle Volkswagen
Providing of Heavy Land Transportation
Provision of Travel Agency Services
Provision of Maintenance of Vehicles
Provision of Executive Aircraft
Provision of Staff Bus Services
Lease of 4WD & Light Vehicles
Hiring of Vehicles on Lease/Rental
Provision of Long Term (4wd) Vehicle Lease
Provision of Operations Support Services
Transportation of 01 No 10, 000 USG Refueller
EPIC of Vehicle Driving Center
Supply of Suzuki APV
Annual Contract for Transportation Services
Operating of Car Care Center Facility
S/P for Passenger Car Chassis Type Pajero Mitsubishi
Double Drum Logging Rigid Truck 6*4
Wheel Agriculture Tractor with Portable Dump Body
Supply of Straddle Bundle Carrier
Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Services
Supply of Five Ton Lorry Trakes
Charter of Aht/Supply Vessels
Priamary and Secondary Transportation
Diesel Transportation
Hire of Vehicles
Supply of Weighbridge
Straddle Bundle Carrier
Vacuum Vehicle
Fixed Gooseneck Low Bed Trailers
Rental of Vehicles
Vehicle Hire to Oil Products
Maritime and Land Transport Services
Sulfur Transportation, Storage and Handling
Land Transportation Services
New & Replacement of Lifeboats at PS-2/3
Travel Services for 2010-2013
Air Transportation Services
Logistics and Transportation Services
Staff Transport Service
Supply of Tank Prover Various Capacity
Call for “Personnel Transportation and Services Tender” for Exploration Wells in Area 147/3&4
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