Tenders for Pipe, Casing & Tubing

Tenders and Leads Archive
Supply of Exchanger Tubes for FCCU Shutdown 2024
Supply of Tubes For 2025 #2H2 Catalyst Change
Purchase of Seamless Tube for Shutdown
Purchase and Supply of different type of Tubes for Stock Replenishment
Long Term Purchase Agreement for the Supply of Tubing Metallics for 5 Years
Purchase & Supply of Seamless Tubes for Stock Replenishment
Supply Seamless Tube for Heat Exchanger for CDU3
Purchase & Supply of Seamless Tubes for Stock Replenishment
Purchase & Supply of Seamless Tubes for Routine Maintanence
Supply and Installation of Hastelloy Liners in Exchanger 22E2A Tubes
Supply of Vulcan Finned Tubes
Supply of Tubes for STG Condenser
Tube Bundles
Supply of Spacer & Blind
Provision of 3-1/2" Tubing and Pipe Joint
Designing and Equipping Skimmers and Tubes
Supplying Exchangers Tubes of Various Sizes
Tubes of Exchangers
Sale & Removal of Metal Tubes, Old Fence, Rescue Equipment and Cylinders
Tube and Tube Bundle
Tube &Tube Bundel
Supply of Condenser Tube - Finned
Supply of Exchanger Tubes, CS, SMLS
Tubing, Pup Joint & Perforated Pipe Purchase for Water Injector
Supply of Tube Bundle
Supply of Heat Exchanger Tubes
Procurement of Tubes for WAO Process Cooler of Wet Air Oxidation Package
Procurement of Tubing and Tangibles for Production Wells
Supply of Stainless Steel Tube Boiler
Tubing and PUP Joint Purchase
Supply of Tube for Furnaces
Complete Tube Bundle for E-101 A
Supplying of Heat Exchanger Copper Finned Tubes
Supply of Furnace Tube
Supply of Channel Tube Sheet for 5E-07
Tubing, Pup joint and Perforated pipe Purchase
Supply of Reformer Catalyst Tubes
Supply of Carbon Steel IBR and Non IBR Tubes
Replacement Furnace Tube for 400H-1
Tube Bundles for Heat Exchangers
Sale & Removal of Casing, Tubing Drilling
Supply of Tubing and Pup Joint Purchase
Purchase of Tubing and Accessories for Y2022,Y2023 & Y2024
Providing Tubing (P110)
Supply of Generic Hoses and Belts
Purchase Tube Support
Supply of 2.7/8 N-80 Tubing with Accessories
Supply of 2.7/8 N-80 Tubing with accessories
Provision of Casing & Tubing Handling Services
Supply of 4000M of 20" (508 MM)
Casing, API, Seamless Steel, Screwed & Coupled
Casing, API, Seamless or Erw, Screwed & Couple
13-3/8 Do Casing Pipes Seamless Steel
Supply of 30 Conductor Pipe
Supply of Boiler Tubes
Procurement of Cylinders
Supply of Black Steel Linepipe & Conductor Casing
E-Bid under Single Stage Two Bid System
Provision of Large Outer Diameter OCTG & Services
Seamless Steel Tubing
Supply of Casing, Seamless Steel
Tubing 4 1/2 Inch & 3 1/2 Inch
Supply of Nickel Alloy Casing, Tubing Pipes
Supply of Conductor, Casing & Tubing Pipes
Supply of Casing & Tubing Pipes
Supply Of Premium Tubing with Coupling
Supply of Seamless Casing
Supply of Casing
Re-tubing of E-1114 & E-1123
Casing Pipe Equipments
Casing Pipe 18 5/8"
Supply of Material
Seamless Steel Tubing
Bundle and Spare Tubes
3-1/2" Tubing 12.95 LBS/FT L-80 & X-Overs
Tube Bundles
Supply of Tube
Tubes for Desalination Unit
Gulf Oil and Gas
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