Tenders for Lighting

Pre-Qualification For Wiring Accessories
Dead Line: 3/28/2024 >>  Bahrain
Ref: PRE-0517-2023, Announcement Date: 2/14/2024
Design, Supply and Installation of Outdoor Display Board in RLIC
Dead Line: 3/18/2024 >>  Qatar
Ref: LT24100100, Announcement Date: 1/22/2024
Pre-qualification For Lighting Poles
Dead Line: 3/11/2024 >>  Bahrain
Ref: PRE-0518-2023, Announcement Date: 2/5/2024
Tenders and Leads Archive
Supply of LED Street Lights
Purchase of LED Lighting Fixture Conduit Outlet Junction Boxes and Fixture Unit
Supply of Light Fixtures
Prequalification for Lightning Protection
Purchase of Flood Lights
Provision of External Infrastructural Air Strip, Roads & Street Lighting
Procurement of Lighting Poles for Boundary Walls of Wali Field
Purchase of Large Outdoor LED Screens as per the specified Functional Design Specification
Sale & Disposal of Electrical Items
Supply of Lamps, Lights, Tapes LTPA 5Y
Sale and Removal of Aluminum Doors & Windows, Lights & Fittings and Electrical Items
Blue Bars, Canopy Lights
EPCC for Lighting System
Supply and Installation of Lighting Material
Helicopter Lights
Led Light
LED Tube
Supply of LED Flood Light Fittings
Supply of LED Fittings
Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Testing of 20M Height High Mast Lighting Tower
Lighting Works
Supply of Flashlight, Pen Typr, AA, Torch Focussing, Cromium Plated, Complete with Batteries
Procurement of LED Lights with Buyback
LED Lights on Buyback Basis
Supply & Installation of 150W LED Floodlight
Supply of LED Luminare
Lighting Materials
Supply of Electrical Materials
Supply, Installation Testing & Commissioning of Flamer Proof LED Fixtures
High Intensit / Pressure Discharge Lamps
Adequacy Analysis in Existing Lightening Arrestor System
Supplying and Installing Camp Building Maintenance Materials
Explosion Proof Safety Flood Lights
Supplying of Outdoor Lighting Devices (LED)
Supply of Lamp
Supply of Intrinsically Safe Flashlight
Purchase Lighting Fixtures and Spare Parts
Supply of Lighting Fittings on Long Term Agreement Basis
Supply of Lamps & Light Accessories
Supply of Electrical Items
Fixture Light
Hiring Services of Light Vehicles
Lighting Decoration Works
Area Illumination at Kendriya
Supply of Led Light
Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of High Masts
Supply and Installation of 16 nos. Explosion Proof Lights
Supply of LED Display Board
Supply , Installation & Commissioning Of Solar Street Lights
Lamp, Flrscnt, Philips, PN:Tld 36w/54,4 Ft
Lightning Works
Supply of Sodium Lights with Accessories
Procurement of 42" & 65" LED TV Sets
Supply and Installation of MV Switchgear
Supply and Installation of 16 nos. Explosion Proof Lights
Electrical Materials
Supply and Installation of Signage Blue Bar Along with Installation of LED Canopy Lights
Providing & Fixing Work of Signage and LED Lights
Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures for UCH-I Plant
Implementation of Tank Farm Lighting Upgrade
Purchase of Plant Lightings, Power & Motor Control Centers Electrical Spares
Supply and Installation of Signage Blue Bar Along
Explosion Proof Lighting & Termination Accessories
Replacement of False Ceiling and LED Lights
Replacement of False Ceiling and LED Lights
Procurement of Led Based Light Fittings for Compressor Station
Sale & Removal of Flare Lights, Furnace Lights & Protection Relays
Procurement of Led Lights
Old Under Ground Tanks and Light Poles
Supply of Extramat Sheet Stretch Ceiling, Translucent White Stretch Ceiling
Lamp, Fluorescent, 4ft, T8, 36w
Supply and Installation of 12 Nos LED Flood Lights
Supply and Installation of 6 Nos LED Flood Lights
Supply and Installation of 10 Nos LED Flood Lights
Installation of Security Light Tower
Rittal Panel Light
Lamp, Fluorescent, 600mm Lg
Supply of Explosion Proof Torch
Procurement of LED Tube Lights
Supply & Installation of LED Flood Lights
Lamp, Fluorescent
Supply & Installation of Explosion Lights
Providing and Installation of Explosion Proof Lights
Supply of Canopy LED Lights and LED Tube Rods
Design and Supply of Hazard Classified Lighting Distribution Boards
Supplying of Outdoor lighting Lamps and Accessories
Supply and Installation of Security Lightings
Procurement of LED Tube lights
Repair & Maintenance of Lighting System
Parking Sheds, Pump Room and Security Lighting System Construction
Procurement of LED Tube lights
Supply and Installation of Explosion Proof Lights
Supply of Outdoor Lighting Lamps and Accessories
Lighting Works at PMY
Procurement of 400 Watt Security Lights & Security Lights Accessories
Supply of 40" LED TV
Supply & Installation of Flood Lights
Procurement of LED Monitors
Repairng of Security Lights Tower
Repair of T/W Gantry and Light Poles at KTB
Procurement of LED Tube lights at PSO House
Supply of Bulbs with Chokes
Providing & Installation of False Ceiling at New Conference Room at Machike Installation
Solar Lights with Installation/Commissioning
Outdoor Lighting Lamps & Accessories for GPT
Supply of Double Dome LED
Supply of LED Lights
Supply of Integral Light Fittings
Supply of Street Ligning GI Poles
Supply of Street Lighting Control DB
Supply of Tall High Mast Lighting System
Supply of 9 Meter Steel Tubular Pole
Bids for Supply, Installation & Commissioning
Supply of Flashing Light Lamp Indicator
General Electrical Material
Lighting Enhancement Project
Supplying of External Lighting
Gulf Oil and Gas
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