In-Line Inspection Services For Pipelines

Oil and Gas Pipeline
Reference BID11209
Date 4/27/2010
Location Middle East
Ref. No.: RFP-2186
Issue Date: 27-Apr-2010
Bid Closing Date: 01-Jun-2010
PTM Date: 10-May-2010
Bid Bond: 2.5 % From the total value of tender price.(valid for 90 days from opening of the tender)

Scope of work:
The services to be carried out by the contractor shall comprise In-Line Inspection (ILI) survey of company pipelines using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) intelligent tool, Caliper tool and/or Geographical mapping and shall include all necessary labor, materials and equipment to enable the contractor to perform the required surveys on the sizes of pipelines detailed in this agreement or, as may be referred there from and include:

1- Evaluation of the company's pipeline maps (if applicable) and preparation of operation and logistics schedule and program for each assignment.
2- Setting up a temporary or permanent inspection base in Ahmadi for the pre-inspection checks and pre-survey checks of equipment, repairs / maintenance of survey tools and preparation / validation of inspection results.
3- Transportation of all equipment from the inspection base to different locations within Kuwait.
4- The provision of a dummy tool and monitoring of the run to detect any blockage and determine acceptable speed, before the running of any Intelligent tool.
5- The provision and running of MFL intelligent tool and monitoring the runs.
6- The provision and running of caliper tool.
7- The provision and running of geographical mapping tool along with MFL intelligent tool or caliper tool.
8- The provision of all spare parts to ensure continuous operation of the equipment / tools / pigs.
9- Assessment of the inspection data immediately after the Inspection run in order to establish completeness and quality of the data collected.
Oil and Gas Pipeline
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