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Civil Works
Civil Works
Reference M.503.10 & E.501.10
Date 5/24/2010
Location Middle East
1- Ref.RQ.NO.501.10.E
Simulator for custody transfer & metering system:
This system should be one of the most modern systems to be used for financial accounting as it is in compatible with international standards are applied to measure oil products according to American Petroleum Institute (API) or water as a product which will we uses for safety of the students, and National Metering Code (NMC) prepared by the country ministry of oil in cooperation with international experts in the field of metering to unify metering methods are used in the oil sector companies and the extent of its compatibility with international standards.

2- Ref.RQ.N0.503.10.M
Machinery and testing equipment engineering non destructive:

- # 2 Portable x-ray system 200kv directional:
Hand-held elemental analyzers intended for various different applications including metal alloy analysis the main use is welding joints in section.
The main use is welding joints inspection analyzers are based on energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence technology and uses an X-ray tube as the source of excitation.
Material is Rhodium.
The instrument is a fully portable analyzer with an integrated PDA (personal Digital Assistant) computer.
The analyzer is should be battery operated with A/C operation.
High voltage 60-200kv(1kv/step).
Tube current 0.5-4mA(0.1/step).
Max. Power: 900w.
Focal spot size acc. IEC 336: 1.5mm, acc. EN 12534 3.0mm.
Beam angle 40; 55*;.
Inherent filtration 4mm be.
Additional filter 3mm Al.
Duty cycle at max. power 100%at 20;C.
Anode cooling: Air.
Pointer: Available.
Penetration: 43mm Fe.
All necessary should be supplied including accessories and optional:
1. Mobile tube stand.
2. Carrying box (aluminum).
3. External warning lamp.
4.films manufacturers;
Spare parts for 2 years including.
Pistol holder, weld beam adapter, flat surface adapter, and sample bag adapter.

- # 2 Ultrasonic flaw detector:
Detector offers a high-speed rep rate, real time 320*240 pixel, contain angle probe type: 4MHZ No2 (45-60-70).

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Bid Bond 1% of the bid price
Documents Price ID 60000 & 50000
Civil Works
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