Drilling Rig Camp Mobilization

Rigs, Coring & Exploration
Reference BID12320
Date 11/28/2010
Location Africa
The company plans to mobilize the camp of drilling rig no. (9) from the standard site (103) to the field for a distance about 500 KM.

With the knowledge that the number of loads as follows: -
The number of regular loads (1) load.
The number of horizontal loads (10) load.

So that the total loads (11) load, required to provide 11 trucks with load of 50 ton equipped with a thread loading and meet all safety procedures and the required fuel, as well as transporting loads of the previous camp and return them from the field to the standard site (103).

Bidding Information

Bid Bond 5% of the proposed contract value
Rigs, Coring & Exploration
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