Updating of Dukhan Field Operating Procedure Manuals

Professional Services
Reference BID7240
Date 2/22/2009
Location Middle East
Ref. No.: General Tender # GT09102700
Bond: QAR 200,000
Fee: QAR 500
Issue Date: 22/02/2009
Bid Closing Date: 12/04/2009 11:00 hrs Local (GMT +0300)
Bond Validity: 09/09/2009 - (150) days from the Bid Closing Date
Offer Validity: 10/08/2009 - (120) days from the Bid Closing Date
Location: Contracts Dept. - Operations Division, Qatar Petroleum, PO Box 3212, Royal Plaza, G Wing, 4th Floor Rm G13, Doha

Scope of Work:
Updating of Dukhan Field Operating Procedure Manuals. The majority of the facilities within Dukhan Field Operations have been operating for many years and over this time they have been subject to various upgrades and modifications. During some of these upgrade projects, new operating procedure manuals were developed and new P&IDs were created. However, there have been many additions and deletions to the stations, which are not covered under the existing QMS/OPMs. The P&ID's for most of the stations have recently been updated by a contractor in the Year 2007. Hence, it is required to create fully accurate and comprehensive OPMs and QMS procedures that address the current status and method of operating each facility and also create documented procedures for operation, management, supervision and maintenance of all the installations, required under ISO certification.
Professional Services
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