Supply of Turbo Generators
Turbines: Gas
Reference BID7772
Date 4/15/2009
Location Middle East
Ref. No.: 65.09.4021
Issue Date: 15/04/2009
Re Issue Date: 01/08/2009
Bid Closing Date: 25/08/2009
Offer Validity: (120) days from the Bid Closing Date
Bond Validity: (90) days from the Bid Closing Date
Fee: 600 USD
Bid Bond: 1% From the total value of tender price
Company: Misan Oil Company

Scope of Work:
Supply of # 2 mobile turbine; powered generation unit, heavy duty, continuous operation, rating power 10 mw at 45°c. The gas turbine and its auxiliaries should be in accordance with specification API 616 standerds according to the following specifications:

Mechanical Requirement:
Heavy duy, fast & smooth accelerated, high temp alloy, high reliability & long life and capable of developing the horse power required to drive the generator.

Axial air flow type compressor with a high compression ratio and should be prevented from reaching the surge limit during acceleration.

Combustor assembly should be accessible for inspection without major engine disassembly, suitable guard covers for rotating components, covers with insulating material for hot sections, all safety measures and protective devices, rugged industrial gear box of assembly and disassembly faculty, pneumatic start system with all accessories (and other option will be considered) for black start.

Gas fuel system with all accessories, dual fuel to be offered as option, booster for gas fuel & by pass should be included.

Lubrication system & lub oil cooling & all accessories, combustion air inlet system with air cleaner / filter dry & self cleaning type suitable for dusty climate, inlet air silencer & all accessories.

The generator must be suitable for ambient temp. (-5 to 55 °c), tropical climate 95 % relative humidity.

Diesel generator for black start must be included & offered with full details.

Two compressors with switing unit for gas fuel supply:
Sweeting and dryer unit should be suitable for two turbo generators in full load operation, capacities and discharge pressures should be suitable for two turbogenerator in full load operation, fee gas pressure 4-8 kg/cm2.

Gas compressor should be centrifugal or screw type, number of stages not more than three stages, gas compressors and the accessories should be according to API617 OR API619 last addation.

Sealing should be dry seal tandem type for centrifugal, cooling system in comprssor should be by air cooled.

All drawing, civil work digram should be attached with the offer, special tools should be supplied recommended five years s/p itemized and priced, compressor analysis of rotor dynamics lateral and torsional to carried out on all compressors design output shall be provided to (M.O.C) for information and include critical speed (1st and 2nd) mode shape maximum and allowable vibration level, planed sound level maps to be provided covering all pieces of machinery and noise generating equipment, driven motor should be 6.6 kv 50 hz 3 ph ip (65) protection and EXX D II T4, inter connecting piping and all accessories and valves to operation with compressor and with out compressor.

Electrical power requirement, synchronization panels, automatic voltage regulator, switch gear, measurement devices, control system and control panel, turbo generator set instrumentation, electronic system for turbine machine as supplied.

The installation and commissioning works are responsibility by the supplier.

Manufactures: Solar Turbine/USA, Siemens/(UK, Germany), Rolls Royce/UK, GE Oil & Gas/(USA, Italy) or Man Turbo/Germany.
Turbines: Gas
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