Complete Metering Skids for Custody Transfer

Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Reference BID8723
Date 8/1/2009
Location Middle East
Ref. No.: 58.09.4046
Issue Date: 01/08/2008
The New Bid Closing Date: 25/7/2010
Offer Validity: (120) days from the Bid Closing Date
Fee: 600 USD
Bid Bond: 1% From the total value of tender price
Bond Validity: (90) days from the Bid Closing Date

Scope of Work:
Supply of # 2 complete metering skids for custody transfer with high-technology, multi-beams (at least four-beams for measurements in four planes), ultrasonic flowmeters for Missan Oil Company for the following main natural gas pipelines:
- New refinery gas feed pipeline 8" dia.
- Buzurgan power turbo generator feed gas pipeline 16" dia.

Scope of supply:
1- Supply of # 2 complete custody transfer flow metering system for measuring the Missan Oil Company's natural gas provide to customers, it contains:
- Two metering skids with two ultrasonic flow meters in a z- configuration whereby one meter functions as the duty meter and the other as the master meter.
- Suitable flow computer with sufficient memory device for historical data and ability to connect with future SCADA system.

2- Flow computers:
Two flow computers (one for each flow meter) as the following characteristics:
The line flow computers should be microcomputers specifically designed for measurement of natural gas by multi-path ultrasonic flow meters according to API standards; each meter runs have its own flow computer.

3- HMI:
For the operation and the monitoring of the entire metering station the metering station status and operations should be logged and reported by means of station data printer.

4- Control panel:
The line flow computer, the master meter computer should be installed in a dedicated control panel .the HMI should be installed on dedicated desk.

5- Ups system:
Ups system suitable to feeds control panel consist of two inverters.

6- Low voltage switchgear:
Suitable low voltage switchgear 3ph, 380v, 50hz to feed power to metering skids electrical equipments.

7- Wiring:
All equipments on skids to be wired to the junction boxes by means of unipolar, bipolar or multi conductors cables protected by conduit pipes.
The connections of the electric and electronic components should be suitable for installation in hazardous area class1 div2, gr d.

8- Factory acceptance test:
Should be witnessed by Missan Oil Company (four person at least).

9- Design & drawings approval:
Engineering & design calculations should be discussed with M O C engineers (4 engineers).

10- Meter calibration:
Each ultrasonic flow meter and master meter is to be individually calibrated at the manufacture's facility on a petroleum product, with one of methods recommended by API standards. The meters are to be calibrated on at least five points over the catalog flow range with three calibration runs at each point.

Origin of the materials: UK - France - Germany - Italy - USA.
Ultrasonic Flowmeter
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