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Supply of Rotary Lub Oil Pump
Pumps: Positive Displacement
Reference BID8777
Date 8/5/2009
Location Middle East
Ref. No.: 95.09.9010.01
Issue Date: 05/08/2009
Pre-Tender Meeting Date: 16/08/2009 (will be held in the contracts Dept., North Oil Company (NOC), Kirkuk, Iraq)
Bid Closing Date: 26/08/2009
Offer Validity: 5 months from the Bid Closing Date.
Document Price: 100 000 Iraqi Dinars
Bid Bond: 1% From the total value of tender price.
Company: North Oil Company

Work Description:
Supply of # 2 rotary lub oil pump for heavy crude oil on mobile trailer as below:
Discharge pressure: 75 psi
Suction pressure: -2 mwc Differential pressure: 75 psi
Speed: 310 RPM
Req. power at drive shaft: 20 kw
Pumps: Positive Displacement
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