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Complete Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant
Process Equipment
Reference BID8869
Date 8/9/2009
Location Middle East
Ref. No.: 49.09.9022.01
Issue Date: 09/08/2009
Pre-Tender Meeting Date: 02/08/2009 (will be held in the contracts Dept., North Oil Company (NOC), Kirkuk, Iraq)
Bid Closing Date: 08/10/2009
Offer Validity: 5 months from the Bid Closing Date.
Document Price: 195 000 Iraqi Dinars
Bid Bond: 1% From the total value of tender price.

Work Description:
- Hoppers:
Four hoppers each not less than 6m3 with leading mouth 3.0 *2.0 m of fabricated steel not less than 5 mm equipped with steel structure with material flow sensors and eccentric vibrator unit at stand hopper suitable loading height according the manufactures design.

Four belt feeders, collecting conveyor belt fast running feeding belt each with designed drive gear motors, adjustable radial discharge - doors.

- Dryer drum:
Suitable dimensions thickness not less 12 mm welded steel according to international specifications insulated to minimize the heat losses two machined steel roller paths mounted around the cylinder.

Four friction gear support rollers each roller are driven by suitable designed gear motor.

Fully audiometric light fuel oil or diesel burner with a suitable burner ignition system, flame control heating out put control servomechanism the turbo burner is equipped with fuel pump, regulator, shut - off valves, return flow regulator nozzle, electrical out put control, control cabinet is mounted in the control station of the asphalt mixing plant to contain all monitoring and control devisees for automatic ignition, flame control, electric interlocking, switches and indicators for controlling the burner out put.

- Hot material elevator:
Dredger bucket chain elevator with suitable replaceable bucket mounted on a steel chain driven by an electric gear motor (which in corporate an automatic back stop)

- Just collection system:
With drop box/ clothe filter combination with suitable designed fan sand and screw conveyor consisting of filter housing with collecting bin for dust, screw conveyor exhausted fan, drive motor, motor operated throttle valve, separation of coarse and line filter exhaust stack, insulation of filter and pre separator, control devices suitable compressor unit automatically operated cleaning control of filter

- Filter supply system:
Mixing system about 1.8 m *4.0 m, vibrating screen 4 size aggregate and over size, with suitable motor dust cover 4 intermediate hot storage bins with total capacity about 25 ton with inspection manholes with pneumatically operated discharge gates fitted with temperature sensor.

- Aggregate weighting system:
1500kg capacity aggregate batch weight hopper with pneumatically operated radial discharge door. It is supported on four mountings each load cell weight - sensor with remote weight indication on digital displays in the control cabin.

- Bitumen weighting system:
225 kg capacity bitumen batch weight hopper carried on anti-vibration mountings and complete with suitable electric heating and thermal insulations, pneumatically operated discharge valves, delivery pipe to the radial mixer supporting on there mountings each including pad cell weight sensor with remote weight indication on digital displays in the control cabin.

The hopper is equipped with high level sensor interlock to shut off feed to the hopper designed to prevent over flow.

- Mixer:
Twin high - tensile steel suitable designed mixer high velocity. 1500 kg capacity with designed electric gear motor; highly wear resistance, pneumatically operated with all accessories (hot oil jacket valve, etc).

Mixed asphalt storage hopper located under the mixer about 20-ton capacity storage hopper, with all accessories, pneumatically flop gate.

- Bitumen circulation pump:
With all accessories insulation, protection, pumps, covers etc.

- Bitumen pump mixer injections:
With all accessories insulation pumps etc.

- Bitumen tank:
Bitumen storage tanks each one not less than 20 t / m horizontal cylindrical with supports full insulation and aluminum steel plate protective cover automatic heat exchanger oil, filling, emptying flung connection to a floating section.

- Hot oil heater:
Fully automatic operation with heat exchanger coil, all necessary control and safety valves, hot circulation pumps for circulation oil around all the system and storage tank the not oil heater and pumps is located inside the utility units cabin.

- Control cabin:
Fully insulated fully air-conditioned control cabin filled with spite air-conditioning and microprocessor (computer and PLC) based electronic control panel having feather touch controllers, tantalizer and printer.

All system are completely synchronized with (automatic &manual) of burners load cells mix temperature, cold feed, mineral, bitumen proportions, etc.

Manual control is possible through override system.
Adequate all power and control panel located inside the control cabin.
Measures adopted to avoid over loading short- circuit, etc.

- Digital scales:
For the weight aggregate, fillers and Bitumen. The times of the mix can be controlled automatically.

- At least 2 technical supervisors must be provided to control the erection and the construction, installing of the plant until starting the work and production all the motor and electric unite must be designed according to the manufacture specification depending on the NOC power (220v-240v)

- Providing # 3 sets of (maintains) catalog
- Training of 10 persons for 2 weeks in the manufacting area
- The offer must be included spare parts for 2 years (electrical, instrumental mechanical motor, etc)
- # 2 sets of hand tools for all the plant accessories

origin: European Union ,USA, UK, Japan
Process Equipment
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