Provision of The Civil Works

Civil Works
Reference NG0 2001513
Date 11/20/2010
Location Africa
The scope of work for this contract includes all works related and incidental to the provision of the following civil works across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria:

1- Educational infrastructure projects construction of buildings to be used for information and computer training in various educational institutions including secondary and tertiary institutions;
2-Furnishing for schools to include computer desks and chairs, office tables and chairs;
3- Construction of public conveniences and water sanitation projects to include boreholes, overhead water tanks and treatment plants;
4- Electrification works to include the supply and installation of solar panel systems in the buildings; and
5- Landscaping of the surroundings of the buildings.

Additional Information
Expected Contract Award Date: Q2 2011
Contract Duration: 3 years

Bidding Information

Civil Works
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