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Consultancy Services for Civil Engineering Jobs
Reference OIL/KGB/10
Date 11/22/2010
Location Asia
Consultancy Services for Civil Engineering Jobs for Three (03) Onshore HPHT Exploratory Wells in NELP-VI BLOCK: KG-ONN-2004/1.

Civil Engineering Jobs:
1) The Consultant shall undertake a detail survey of the site, prior to the design of Engineering Work. While carrying out the survey, the Consultants shall also ensure taking levels with respect to an acceptable benchmark and any filling/cutting necessary for the site as per the conceptual plan and later as per the finalized scheme shall be computed in advance. This work shall be done in Consultation with company’s Engineers. The Consultant shall arrange for the soil investigation at site, if required, to obtain information regarding soil-bearing capacity, sub-soil water and any other reference data, which the consultant may consider necessary for the job for which no separate payment be made by company. The Consultant shall prepare detailed design for the rigfoundation as per layout drawing provided by the company, bridge construction, new road construction, strengthen of existing bridges/culverts, etc. based on the data collected

2) Detailed method, specifications, schedule of items, estimates for construction of new approach roads for easy movements of heavy rig equipments and consumables to the proposed drilling sites considering latest relevant IRC specifications. Prepare strip plan showing the existing road land with , utility services(both above & below ground level , trees, electric poles, telephone poles, water pipeline, sewage line, bridges, culverts, junctions, adjoining land use, encroachment etc.The work also includes additional survey at each turning, curve, junction and suggest improvement if necessary to facilitate movement heavy vehicles used for oil exploration.

3) Comprehensive report for deployment / construction of a semi-permanent/ permanent/ floating type bridge for class-A or class-AA loading capacity whichever is greater with approach road for crossing river around 150m length. The scope includes investigation for hydrological and soil data (if required), design, drawing specifications with complete estimate of the bridge. For design & specifications the relevant IRC/ IS/ erection of the bridge have to be considered including its approaches will be carried out through a single contract for which the consultant has to prepare the NIT documents and necessary assistance in selection of appropriate/suitable the bidders. The work also includes carrying out soil testing, CBR test, and road deflection test as per relevant IRC standard.

4) Providing concrete reference pillars, benchmark pillars, pegs and other requirements during and carrying out the survey.

5) Consultant has to furnish detailed design, drawings with specifications and cost estimate for foundations of the drilling rig after necessary investigation of bearing capacity of soil in drill sites. The type of drilling rig with Lay-out plan shall be confirmed during consultancy service. The approach bell mouth and final level of the proposed drilling site (after necessary cutting and filling if any) shall be considered for determining the final centre line and gradient of the proposed approach road to the well site.

6) Construction details, drawings/schedule of items, specifications and estimates for preparation of drilling plinth, bell mouth road, effluent pit, etc. considering all relative factors. The site plan also includes the related structures such as barites ramp, chemical go-down, crew huts, offices, etc. required in the drilling plinth during drilling operation. The approach bell mouth and final level of the proposed drilling site (after necessary cutting and filling if any) shall be considered for determining the final centre line and gradient of the proposed approach road to the well site.

7) The consultant have to furnish the detail methods to be adopted for strengthen/ development of existing bridges, culverts, roads up to IRC class-A or class-AA load carrying capacity, smoothening of sharp turnings (providing proper turning radius) and construction of passing places for heavy field vehicular movements with detailed specifications and cost estimates (from Kakinada city to proposed drilling sites). Works will also include for obtaining approval for strengthen/ development jobs of existing roads, bridges and culverts, widening of sharp turnings and construction of passing places from appropriate authority such as State PWD, NGO and other Statutory bodies taking into account of existing laws and regulations of the area.

8) To obtain approval from concerned Electricity Board or authority for raising/ shifting of existing HT lines all along the road( from Kakinada city to the proposed drilling sites) to facilitate rig and field vehicular movements.

9) All detailed estimates for Civil Engineering jobs as stated above must be as per approved rates of DSR (with approved Cost Index of the area) or PWD of Kakinada.

10) The permission for utilizing existing roads, bridges, culverts, etc. and development works/construction activities from PWD or concerned authority have to be obtained by the Consultant to carry out our drilling activities.

11) Preparation of detailed bar chart schedule after clearing all statutory permission, covering all activities of Civil Engineering jobs keeping in view the overall project schedule. Works also includes to co-ordinate, inspect, implication in order to secure completion of entire jobs conforming to plans, specifications and approved schedule.

12) Prepare safety procedure for compliance by the work persons during execution of works.

13) The Consultant shall submit detailed preliminary bill of quantities and estimates along with rate analysis (for review by the Company) and detailed final bill of quantities and estimates (after incorporating the comments, if any, of the Company) for each module of work.

14) The final BOQ and detailed estimates submitted by the Consultant should be separate for both DSR and State PWD schedule and non-schedule items of work. The rates shall be analyzed on the basis of CPWD or PWD rate analysis, and or present market rate. Any escalation required to be loaded on the SOR shall be properly supported by detailed calculation as per standard practices indicating the relevant cost index.

15) The detailed design calculations and specifications and final estimates should be supplied separately for each module of work in duplicate to the Company.

16) The Consultant shall review/ inspect the progress of the project on a regular basis as per the requirements of the company.

17) During the review/ inspection, the Consultant shall cover, but will not be limited to the following points:-
i) Ensure the construction to be in the conformity with the approved plans, specifications and architectural/ structural drawings.
ii) Analysis of construction procedures to ensure adherence to good workmanship ethics and to eliminate chances of sub-standard work/ deviations from specifications as a
result of the same.
iii) Analysis of construction costs to eliminate cost over runs and recommended alternative approaches/ methodology to achieve the same.

18) Consultant shall get Survey and Soil Investigation for the site and all structural designs to be done based on the report for which no separate fees will be entertained.

19) Modify the conceptual design incorporating required changes and prepare the preliminary drawings, utility and schemes, study model, etc. as required, along with the preliminary estimate of cost as per CPWD/PWD norms(for the area of Kakinada).

20) Prepare detail Engineering design and work specification, drawings necessary for the Company’s/ Engineer-in-Charge’s approval and ensure compliance with codes, standards and legislation, as applicable and obtain approval from the statutory authorities.

21) Prepare detailed working and schematic drawings, detailed work specifications, final BOQ and cost estimate based on CPWD / PWD rate analysis and/ or present market rate and preparation of tender documents for award of work.

22) Prepare and issue detail working and schematic drawing to Company/ Engineer-in-Charge and details for proper execution of work during construction.

23) Check/ review sample, Bar Bending Schedule of various elements and components of the Work for Company/ Engineer-in-Charge’s approval.

24) In general Estimates and Drawings should cover the following aspects: Estimate: The project estimate should give a clear picture of the financial commitment involved and should be realistic. The estimate shall consist of:
I. General abstract of cost.
II. Detailed estimates for each major head which shall consist the following
a. Abstract of cost
b. Estimate of quantity
c. Analysis of rates
d. Quarry material source chart
e. Basis of provision for escalation if any
III.Drawings: The drawings shall easy and translation of the proposals in the field and include the following:
a) Locality map cum site plan
b) Land acquisition plan
c) Plan & longitudinal section
d) Typical cross section sheet for existing & proposed road pavement
e) Detailed cross section
f) Drawing for cross drainage structure
g) Road junction drawings
h) Drawing for retaining wall and other structure.
i) Drawing for passing places, campsite, parking place
j) Location of various road signs.
k) Contour map for drilling site
l) Layout drawing incorporating all requirements for drilling location site.
m) Road inventory report
n) Any other document & drawing.

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Offer Validity 180 days
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