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Electric Motor Driven Crude Oil Pump
Pumps: Positive Displacement
Reference DFD0727P11/08
Date 1/29/2011
Location Asia
Electric motor driven crude oil despatch pump set

A. Pump:

1. Type
Horizontal, single acting, triplex plunger pump as per API Standard 674.

2. Capacity and Discharge
The plunger size selected should be adequate to meet the pressure and volume requirements of 50 Kg/ and 40 CuM/hr respectively.

3. Pump Speed
The speed limit of the offered pump shall be governed by the maximum allowable speed ratings for single acting plunger type pumps in continuous service as per API 674 standards.

NOTE: “Continuous duty” means pump having service operation on full load for a period of 8 hours to 24 hours per day as per Hydraulic Institute Standard application .

4. Fluid end features

i. Aluminum Bronze / Forged Carbon Steel / Cast Nodular Iron , Valve cover, Valve , Mono Block Fluid End with bolt on type valve covers

ii. Al Bronze / Carbon Steel / Nodular Iron stuffing boxes

iii. Hard coated plungers

iv. General service packing

v. Suitably designed valves with tapered valve seats pressed onto mono block fluid end

vi. Three feed belt driven packing lubricator, to drip feed (Make: PREMIER / MEGA)

vii. Suction and Discharge on either side

5. Power end features

i. One piece Cast Iron frame

ii. Alloy steel / Cast Nodular Iron crankshaft

iii. Heavy duty Taper Roller crankshaft bearings

iv. Two piece, steel backed, precision type, Aluminum alloy / Tin & Babbit lined crank pin bearings

v. Ductile / nodular iron connecting rods

vi. Nodular Iron / Cast Iron cross heads

vii. Bronze crosshead pin bushings

viii. Alloy Steel crosshead pins

ix. Stainless Steel pony / extension rods

x. Flooded sump Splash Lubrication for power end

xi. Sight glass gauge or oil level dipstick

6. Accessories

i. Full flow, suitably sized and rated, spring loaded, Reset Relief Valve, mounted on the discharge piping. (Make: OTECO/ BAIRD / CAMERON)
N.B: The relief valve is to be set at 110% of our maximum pressure requirement at the time of delivery.

ii. Liquid filled discharge pressure gauge having a range up to 100 Kg/ , with built in dampening mechanism to minimize fluctuations for accurate response to pressure changes. (Make: OTECO/ CAMERON / MARTIN DECKER)

iii. Suitably designed Suction Stabilizer and Discharge Pulsation Dampener(Diaphragm type, pre charged) , mounted and installed in line with the suction and discharge piping.

N.B: Dampeners should be of Carbon Steel construction built to ASME pressure vessel codes and code stamped.

iv. The pump suction piping should incorporate a suitably sized Gate / Ball valve and suction stabiliser while the discharge line should incorporate a suitably sized Ball valve/Gate valve , a Check valve, a Drain valve ( to de-pressurize the system when carrying out maintenance of the unit ),a by pass valve, a Reset relief valve and discharge pulsation dampner.Suction and discharge piping, fitting and accessories connection should be preferably as per the sketch enclosed. NB:

a).The discharge valve/By pass valve should be full opening/ full bore ball valve/Gate valve conforming to API 6D specification, RTJ Flanged ends of suitable size and pressure rating with a pair of companion RTJ flange (weld neck) conforming to ANSI B16.5 (latest edition), complete with two no ring joint gaskets and requisite no of studs and nuts.

b).The check valve of discharge line should be full opening/ full bore check valve conforming to API 6D specification, bolted cover, renewable seat, RTJ Flanged ends of suitable size and pressure rating with a pair of companion RTJ flange (weld neck) conforming to ANSI B16.5 std.(latest edition)complete with two no ring joint gaskets and requisite no of studs and nuts.

c). All the pipes, valves and fittings of the suction/discharge line should be of same size.

v. Complete set of fittings, interconnection piping and companion flanges with appropriate bolting, gaskets, dampener brackets, blind flanges etc required for mounting all items mentioned above.

vi. A Centrifugal Charge Pump, direct driven by a flameproof Electrical Motor , suitably sized to provide 1.5 times the input flow volume requirement of the triplex plunger pump should be provided against the pumping unit. The basic requirements of the Charge Pump system shall be as follows:


a. Horizontal Non Clogging Single Stage Centrifugal Pump

b. Back Pull Out Design

c. Thick Walled, Non Split Concentric Casing with Axial Suction and Tangential Discharge

d. Semi Open, Single Shrouded, Curved Vane Impeller

e. Strong Shaft with minimum overhang and Ceramic Coated Steel Shaft protection sleeve

F. Gland Type Stuffing Box # lubrication & cooling of Gland internally by oil and grease

g. Heavy duty and high efficiency design

h. Heavy duty duplex set of angular contact bearing (outboard) and double row ball bearing (inboard)

i. Suitably sized impeller to achieve desired head and discharge

7. Duty / Service

The pump should be designed for continuous duty application. Necessary credentials in this regard, in the form of product catalogues / brochures from OEM should be furnished.

NOTE: #Continuous duty# means pump having service operation on full load for a period of 8 hours to 24 hours per day as per Hydraulic Institute Standard application.

8. Liquid to be handled:

The pumping unit should be suitable for pumping crude oil. Recent Test reports of a typical sample is provided to assist the selection process: API Gravity at 60 Deg F : 30, PH : 7.2, Salinity ( ppm ) : 4400, CO3 : NIL, HCO3 : 305, Pour Point ( Deg C ) : 27, Water Content ( % v / v ) : 21, Pumping Temp : 34 to 35 Deg C, Viscosity :13 cp @ 26 Deg C, 17 cp @ 24 Deg C, 29 cp @ 22 Deg C, Sp Gravity : 0.8574 @ 35 Deg C and 0.8718 @ 15 Deg C

9. Suction condition:

Positive suction

10. Name plate and rotation arrows:

A nameplate shall be securely attached at a readily visible location wherein the manufacturers name, machine serial number, maximum and minimum design limits and rating data, maximum allowable working pressure and temperatures, hydrostatic test pressure etc. should be clearly indicated. Rotation arrows indicating direction of rotation of major items should be cast in or attached.

B. Speed Reduction Gear Box:

The speed reduction from the Prime Mover (Electric Motor) at its rated rpm to the desired rpm of pump shall be effected by means of a separate external foot mounted gear box installed between the prime mover and the pump. The Gear Box should be SHANTI/GREAVES Make parallel shaft speed reducer with a gear rated to designed HP from an Electric Motor at rated RPM to the pump at desired RPM, with a suitable Gear ratio, and a minimum 1.75 AGMA SF. The unit design includes cast iron housing, helical gear elements, anti-friction roller bearings on all shafts, and a self contained splash lubrication system with a shaft driven lube oil pump and radiator type air/oil cooler to meet the thermal horsepower requirements. Unit additionally includes thermostatic bypass valve and radiator type cooler.

C. Prime Mover: For Main Pump and Charge Pump

The Prime mover for Main Pump and Charge Pump shall be Three phase, squirrel cage rotor Induction Motor with the following specifications:

1. Type: The motor shall be 3- phase, FLAMEPROOF type, suitable for installation in Zone-1, Zone-2 Hazardous Area, Gas Group IIA and IIB, of Oil Mine. The motor shall be certified by Central Mining Research Institute (CMRI), Dhanbad, India and approved by Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS), Dhanbad, India for FLP construction and use in above area.

2. Rated output: The minimum HP of the motor should be 100 HP. However, the motor output rating shall be minimum 10% higher than the respective absorbed power required for full rated capacity load handling of pump.The HP of the charge pump motor should be clearly mentioned.

3. Enclosure: TEFC, FLP with Degree of protection - IP55. CI/ MS enclosure painted with Epoxy based DA Grey Paint.

4. Insulation: Vacuum pressure impregnated. Class F with temperature rise limited to that of class B. Space heater shall be fitted if the motor HP is more than 100HP.

5. Standards: Motor shall confirm to IS-2148, 325, 4691

6. Voltage: Motor shall be suitable for 415 ± 6% volts, 3 Phase, 50HZ, AC supply and should withstand high voltage fluctuation.

7. Freq.: 50 Hz +- 3%

8. RPM: To match driven equipment

9. Duty: Continuous (S1)

10. Mounting: As per equipment design.

11. Shaft support: Rolling element Bearings at DE and NDE

12. Cooling: Bidirectional cooling fan at NDE

13. Terminal stud arrangement of winding: 6 nos terminal studs shall be available in the terminal box and shall be marked for identification. Terminal studs shall be required for heater, if fitted.

14. Switching: 15 Cold Starts /Hr.

15. Ambient: Max. 40ºC, Min 6ºC, 95% RH, Altitude-150 Mtr

16. Terminal Box: FLP Cable termination box with brought out terminal studs suitable for terminating PVCA aluminium cables of proper size as per rating of motor.

Terminal shall be of brass with non-hygroscopic insulation support (FRP or DMC) suitable for tropical climate. Suitable termination arrangement shall also be provided in case the heater is installed. Cable box shall have two nos. of cable entries in case of motor above 10 hp and one no. cable entry in case of motor upto 10 hp. Cable entry thread ET type.

17. Glands: FLP double compression, Nickel plated brass glands, approved by CMRI as per cable size shall be fitted in all the cable entries in terminal box of the motor. Make of Gland: Baliga, GMI, Dowells.

18. Earthing : Two nos of earthing studs to be provided on both sides of the motor. Earthing system for the motor shall be as per the IS: 3043.

19. Lifting Eye: Lifting hook(s) shall be provided for lifting the motor.

20. Markings: Name plate details with name of manufacturer, frame size, rated voltage, rated out put, current, frequency, type of duty, class of insulation, no. of phases, speed in rpm at rated out put, degree of protection, winding connections, amb. temp, bearing sizes, lubricant, lubrication material and year of manufacture, CMRI certification no, DGMS approval No, Gas Group

21. Certificates: Test certificate of Motor for routine tests done at manufacturer's works shall be submitted with the supply.

22. Guarantee: Motor shall be guaranteed for one year. Guarantee certificate shall be submitted with the supply.

23. Make: Bharat Bijlee/ Crompton Greaves/ KEC/ Siemens/NGEF.

24. Preferred ratings in HP:
0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, 7.5, 10.0, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200

25. General Notes on motor

(i)DGMS approval no. & mark should be fixed on the motor body as per guidelines mentioned in the DGMS approval.

(ii)The FLP motor and the FLP gland(s) must be suitable for installation in Hazardous Area Zone 1 area, Gas Group IIA and IIB, of Oil Mine. These must be certified by Central Mining Research Institute (CMRI), Dhanbad, India and approved by Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS) Dhanbad, India for FLP construction and use in above area. Copies of CMRI certification and DGMS approval for the motor as well as the glands must be furnished with the offer.

(iii)Frame size & make of the offered motor should be mentioned in the offer.

(iv)Copy of the drawing of the offered FLP Motor enclosure showing terminal box & cable entry arrangement with double compression FLP cable gland should be submitted with the offer.

(v)All unused cable entries holes must be plugged with CMRI certified FLP sealing plugs made of cast iron.

(vi)Packing should be suitable for transit damage & protection against tropical rains.

(vii)Bidder must categorically mention that their offer complies with all the features mentioned in the Motor specification & all the relevant documents required as per above points are enclosed in their offer.

D. Drive Arrangement:

The drive arrangement will involve flow of prime mover power through Direct Flexible Disc coupling to the input shaft of an external foot mounted gearbox and finally from the Out put shaft to the crankshaft of the triplex pump through a Flexible Disc coupling.

Suitably selected Flexible Disc / Grid Member Couplings should be incorporated to transfer power from the prime mover to the triplex pump through the transmission, as illustrated in the schematic diagram.

N.B: All rotating parts should be covered by suitable guards.

E. Pump Package Unitisation:

The pump set is to be supplied with all components and accessories fitted and mounted on a rhobust oilfield type three runner portable master skid. The floor of the skid should be covered with anti skid steel plates. While unitizing the pump set, easy approach to various components should be kept in mind, to facilitate operational and maintenance requirements. The skid should be fabricated out of properly sizes beams to withstand loading / unloading and transfer in oil field trucks.

The skid shall be sized to contain the entire pump and motor unit and should include the following components:

a) Drip pan for cradle/fluid area of pump and packing area complete with threaded drain

b) Dip lip for cradle / fluid area of pump and packing area

c) Grouting holes

d) Horizontal adjustment screws for minor adjustment

e) Charge pump bypass system and valving

f) Two grouting bosses on skid

g) Interconnection piping spool pieces on suction and discharge with ancillary components

h) Non sparking Aluminum safety guards.

I) one set of proper size foundation bolts and nuts with each pump sets.The foundation

Bolt for the skid is to be in accordance with ASTM #A193 and nut as per ASTM # A193.

The unitization process shall also include following

a) Painting of skid, pump, piping and other accessories. Paint / finish specifications shall consist of wire brushing structural pieces and piping, solvent cleaning of components, one coat of red oxide alkyd primer 2.0 to 2.5 mils dry film thickness. The top coat shall be one coat of gloss sakyd national blue enamel 1.0 to 2.0 mils dry film thickness.

b) Supply and erection of suction stabiliser, Discharge dampener, Safety Relief Valve, pressure gauges, inlet & outlet ball valves, check valves drain valve, Bypass valve and pipes and pipe fittings.

F. Inspection and Testing:

The pump set shall be inspected by OIL’s deputed engineer at manufacturers / assemblers works / factory prior to dispatch. However, such inspection will not relieve the supplier of his responsibility to ensure that the equipment supplied conforms to the correct specifications and is free from manufacturing and all other defects. The supplier shall carry out full load performance test on the pump set, at duty conditions, in the presence of OIL’s deputed representative.

N.B: Charges for carrying out the above tests at the manufacturer’s facility should be included in the purview of the offer.

G. Installation & Commissioning:

Installation and Commissioning of the Pump set shall be carried out by the bidder in the presence of OIL representatives at its fields at Duliajan, Assam (India). Services of qualified and competent personnel from equipment manufacturer is essential during installation and commissioning of the pump sets. Only competent service personnel shall be engaged for installation, testing and commissioning of pump sets. OIL will provide necessary statutory permits in classified areas as and when required. Installation / commissioning charges should be quoted separately which shall be considered for evaluation of the offers.

These charges should included amongst others to and fro fares, boarding/ lodging and other expenses of the commissioning engineers during their stay at Duliajan, Assam (India). All Personal, Income and Service Tax etc. towards the services provided by the supplier shall be borne by the supplier and will bededucted at source. Bidders should also confirm about installation/ commissioning in the Technical Bid.

Note: Once commissioned at designated site the pump set will be subjected to a trial run on available load for a minimum period of 72 hrs and on satisfactory performance shall be subsequently handed over to OIL.

H. Warranty:
The warranty period for the Electric Motor, pump set and all ancillary equipment should be a minimum of 18 months from the date of dispatch / shipment or 12 months from the date of commissioning.

Bidding Information

Documents Price USD 100.00
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