Maintenance-Upgrade of Scada System

Maintenance and Repair
Reference 83-2011
Date 11/20/2011
Location Middle East
The company announces its need to acquire the services of company to provide maintenance, up grade and technical support including spare parts (urgent basis)supply and delivery.

All works shall be performed in accordance with the terms, conditions, plans, specifications, and other information and data contained or referenced in the draft contract documents included in the request for quotation (rfq). And the contractor shall guarantee all works. The contractor is responsible to provide on site training for company's specialist engineers during the stages of installation for new hardware or update the software, (for maintenance and operation of the hard and software related to scada-plc-dcs system).

Scope of work brief:
The scada network connects more than three different types of operation/application software made by different companies which are as follows:
- zara pressure reduction and metering station: made by fisher rosemount for control and by servelec for scada.
- arak, al hail and doubayat (new location at north alhussien site) ggs's made by servelec (control and scada)
- bvs4901-bvs4905 (with connection to rayan compressor station): made by servelec (control & scada).
- palmyra-aleppo pipeline (with pr&ms) : made by servelec.
- homs-banyas pipeline (with pr&ms and fms): made by servelec.
- arab gas pipeline phase i and ii (with fms's): made by servelec.
- gas coordination center (gcc): made by servelec for scada including ssl, uk for special application software package (for hydraulic studies of syrian gas network).

The a/m locations and others are connects through terminal servers located at gcc.
- the contractor shall provide the maintenance services comprising verbal advise relating to the operation –modification and upgrade of the software/hardware and rectification of errors in the software as well as other fault/failure may occurred for the system at as minimum all locations of gtdd and ngded which include the existing locations as follows:
- nine (9) locations contain pressure reduction and metering stations (zara, aleppo&banyas), crossover stations (bvs 4901&bvs 4905), metering stations (zaizoun, dier ali fms, dabousyah, turkish- syria fms).
- all block valve stations related to palmyra pipeline-banyas pipeline- aleppo pipeline, arab gas pipeline(phase i and ii).
- gas coordination center including all the related works which done by cse-servelec to perform the scada system of gcc including the special software package 'ssl-uk'.
- three gas gathering stations (arak, el hail, doubayat&new location at north alhussain site) located at palmyra area.
- update the data storage media and data archive to meet the following:
1- convert all operation parameters witch appear in the daily report of each metering station and gcc (pressure, temperature, flow, density, calorific value, gas analyses and any other parameters witch will be specified by the company) to excel sheet via suitable media (hard and software).
2- extend the memory of data storage to be suitable for three (3) years during the updating of the hardware at least.
3- update the software connection with the flow computers for monitor those instruments on the display of the workstations on each metering station to read and write the data while the modbus connection is existing.
- any future connections with gcc-scada system for the scope of

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Maintenance and Repair
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