Multi Phase Flow Meters for Well Testing

Reference 74-12-4333
Date 3/11/2012
Location Middle East
Supply of QTY=2, multi phase flow meters for well testing
Over View:
ROXAR company MPFM type (1900 VI) or equivalent:
A complete Multiphase flow meter which is used for measuring (Oil, Gas, Water) flow rates without separation skid mounted with frame. The frame has four point top lift to be used ass a mobile single well test unit to measure flow for wells in South Oil Company fields which it has different flow rates and different fluid properties.

Given Data:
Oil flow rate range 1000-15000 BBL/D
Gas flow rate range 2000-20000 M SCF/D
Water flow rate 0-10000 BBL/D
API 20-35
Oil viscosity 1.1 (CP) @ 210 ºF
Gas gravity 0.6
H2S 0 - 40 PPM
CO2 0 - 0.4 % MOLE
Water gravity 1.1 GM/CC
Salinity 122319 PPM

MPFM Specification Required:
NON – Radiocative technology
Working pressure 3000 Psi
Working Temperature 150 ºF
Pipe Dimension 3 Inches
Flange connection 3" API, 3000 Psi WP
Process connection 2" FIG. 602 Female WECO Quick
Wetted parts materials NACE MR- 01-75
Gamma source Caesium – 137 (30 mCi)

Half-life: 30 Years
Container: stainless steel casing, lead-filled
Detector: Nal scintillation detector
Sensor electronics type: electrical impedance
Secondary instruments: Pressure, differential pressure, and temperature.
Power supply voltage: 24 V Dc, 100-240 V AC

Flow computer:
Complete flow computer with all necessary accessories for data Processing, displaying, celebrating & printing with local field display.

Service console PC:
Complete service console PC with latest version of windows with full option (large capacity of HDD and high range processor) all necessary software for operation & calibration MPFM and with (well testing module. PVT calculation & wet-gas calculations).

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