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Generating Sets
Reference PROC-FE/CB/ECMP-393/2012
Date 3/23/2012
Location Asia
Sr No 1
Gen. Sets 240 to 260 KVA net power prime rating of latest model/brand with canopy mounted on four wheel double axle trolly.
Qty: 5

1- Features:
Brand generating sets of 240 to 260 kva net power prime rating of latest model and new design with canopy, on four wheel double axle trolly. The set must have following Features and specification.

Diesel engine, six cylinder, four stroke in line heavy duty water cooled, direct injection, having the following specification:-

a- Net fly wheel horse power from 275 HP to 350 HP @ 1500 RPM
b- Fitted with auto control governor to maintain frequency/volt.
c- Suitable for tropical conditions
d- Temperature working range -5 to 60 c
e- Cold starting -5c
f- Battery 12/24 volt for starting system
g- Complete tuning/special tool set for engine fault rectification ( two sets with 05 generator sets)
h- STD service tool against each set

Self excited, brushless, screen protected, drip proof, sealed bearing, fully interconnected, impregnated winding, cooling by fan, 100% copper winding with following specification:
a- Phase: 3 phase, 4 wires with provision for single phase supply
b- Out put voltage: 400 VAC 50 HZ, 230 VAC at 50 HZ+-5%
c- Frequency: 50HZ+-.25%
d- Speed 1500 RPM
e- Automatic voltage: auto voltage regulator to maintain voltage with in =-0.5% from no load to full load
f- Power factor: 0.8lagging +-1%
g- Insulation: class H
h- Star: manual
i- Coupling: flexible
j- Harmonic: total harmonic distortion +_4%
k- Transient recovery: fast recovery time 1 second

a- Charging system failure alarm
Standard circuit breakers as per requirement

Shutdown protection:
a- Low oil pressure /low oil level
b- High water tempreture/low oil level
c- Over speed
d- Under speed

Control panel:
Following must be installed on the generator Control panel and all visual display must be visible in day sunlight and for night. (all indicator / light should have one switch on /off)
a- Temperature & oil pressure gauges
b- Air filter indicator
c- Hours run meter
d- Key start switch / pushbutton
e- Volt meter three phase
f- Ammeter three phases
g- Frequency meter
h- Emergency stop key/ pushbutton & alarm buzzer
i- Loud alarms for over voltage / under voltage/ over frequency to avoid alternator failure

Other features:
a- Fuel capacity 280 to 450 liters capacity fuel tank mounted on base frame fitted with standard accessories

b- Mounting: complete generator set mounted on heavy duty steel base frame with lifting hooks for sling operation at suitable place to avoid damage of canopy.

c- Mounting anti viberation pads between eng/alternator and base frame

d- Operating environment the generator must be suitable for operation in entirely open hot/cold and dusty environment, ambient temperature -5C 60C

e- Utilization: the set will be utilized for operation for air-condition, computers, refrigerators, and set equipment of seismic industry. The sets will be used in seismic field parties

f- Canopy: generator set be housed in a steel box for protection against strong wind, rain, dust and extreme weather conditions with angle, rectangle complete frame ( upper/lower & vertical sports including doors sports) to maintain alignment for all four side hinged doors with locked for safety and security. Doors can be lifted/ open during its operation. The sound proof canopy should be of god quality steel having minimum thickness 14 SWG and painted with all weather cooler, with 4 lifting hooks with main angle frame at suitable place to avoid twist ness of canopy.

g- Filtration/exhaust system: oil filter, primary and secondary fuel filters for removing water and other contaminators from the fuel/oil. Dual air filter (inner &outer / complete suitable exhaust system)

h- Engine mounting / Guard engine mounting brackets and radiator guard must be provided

i- Earth rod& cable earth road cable, connectors and rod should be provided

2- Manuals: hardcopy of workshop repair, operation, maintenance manual & parts catalogue with specification and measurement diagrams are to be provided with each unit in English. (One set with bid essential for technical evaluation)

3- Spare parts: spare parts are required for running operation of engine & generator including panel box for 03 years list of spares:
a- All type of filters
b- Fuel injectors including fuel feed pumps
c- Top overhauling gaskets
d- Water pump assy repair kit
e- Turbo charger assay & repair kit(if fitted)
f- Engine top overhauling complete parts with detail
g- Fan belts
h- Self starter and repair kit
i- Alternator and repair kits including regulator (cut out etc)
j- Automatic volt/frequency & governor control parts

Supplier may also recommended any other parts necessary for repair maintenance of the generator sets (for three years)

Bidding Information

Bid Bond US $ 9,000.00
Documents Price RS. 500.00
Generating Sets
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